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TITLE: Frogger (the video game)

PROPOSITION: We must overcome the obstacles the hinder our work for God.
KEY WORD: Obstacles


  1. One of the early computer and video games was “Frogger”

  2. The object was to help the frog cross the busy street, jump logs to cross a river, etc.

  3. Lesson to learn – All of us face obstacles to getting to the other side.

Obstacles to Obedience

  1. My parents were not baptized

  2. I am a good moral person

Obstacles to Faithful Christian Life

  1. Decline in faith

  2. Disappointment with a church leader (elder, preacher)

  3. Temptation and sin

  4. Discouragement

  5. Marital or family problems

  6. Personal crisis (health, financial, work related)

Obstacles to Serving (working, teaching, participation)

  1. Too busy

  2. Can't afford it

  3. Others can do it better

  4. I have no talent for that

Obstacles to Mission Work

  1. Failure to understand cultural differences

  2. Loss of support (financial and emotional)

  3. Discouragement

  4. Can't speak the language

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