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TITLE: Spend time with FROGS
Exodus 8:8-11
We often delay and procrastinate dealing with problems.


  1. Background Plagues in Egypt to let Israel go free.

  2. Exodus 8:1-15 plague of frogs everywhere bed, kitchen, dishes

  3. Pharaoh wants them gone.

  4. Moses says God will do it  when Pharaoh wants it done.  He says, TOMORROW!

  5. Why did he not say NOW? Right now, immediately, if not sooner!

Faith We spend time neglecting our faith

  1. Pharaoh had seen the power and work of God in the water to blood plague.

  2. He CHOSE not to believe in the God of heaven.

  3. In time of difficulty I must choose what to believe, keep faith in.

Restless Worry We spend time in restless worry

  1. Verse 6 frogs are everywhere

  2. How can you sleep? Eat? Take a bath?

  3. We worry, pray, seek help Ask God to remove this burden.

  4. But we keep frogs around we bring more restlessness to ourselves.

  5. 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. NOTE: casting = to throw (like a baseball) When you throw you don't have it any more.

Obstinate We refuse to admit we are wrong

  1. I dare say that Pharaoh had some explaining to do advisers, family, wife, kids

  2. I am sure that he was questioned about his sanity.

  3. What was he thinking?

  4. When we refuse to change others will question our judgment.

  5. If we get tired of their questions it may be time to change.

God's Judgment We don't want to admit God's Power and Justice

  1. Pharaoh has seen God's power.

  2. He knew what God COULD do.

  3. If I do not get rid of the sin (frogs) in my life I fear God's judgment.

Selfishness We dig in and refuse to move

  1. Over and over Pharaoh hardened his heart (15)

  2. We arch our back dig in our claws Nobody tells me what to do.

  3. All of us want to think that WE are in control of our lives.

  4. We don't want to relinquish control turn our lives over to God.


  1. What are your frogs (struggles, problems, sins)?

  2. Have spent too much time there already?

  3. Don't spend MORE time with the frogs.

  4. Get rid of them starting today NOW, ASAP, immediately, if not sooner.

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