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TITLE: Worship IS / IS NOT

TEXT: John 4:19-24

PROPOSITION: Jesus helps us define worship.


  1. In recent months 2 large churches added instruments to worship.

  2. One added a Saturday night service with communion and IM.

  3. Another added a service with and kept another without IM.

  4. Among churches of Christ many who do not understand what worship is.

Worship is: A sacrifice of my feelings to God.

  1. We know what we worship - vs. 22

    1. Before there can be worship there must be knowledge

    2. Before we can worship we must know the object of our worship

  2. God seeks worshipers vs. 23

  3. We must worship in truth vs. 24

    1. Truth = what God requires

    2. John 17:17 Thy word is truth.

  4. We must worship in spirit vs. 24

    1. Alive, vital, spirited

    2. Sing, pray, teach with life and excitement

Worship is NOT:

  1. A place a building, a location, an address

  2. A time 10:00 am to 10:59

  3. A block of time other things not worship announcements, baptism

  4. A day of the week Sunday

  5. An accident - You can not worship God accidentally

  6. Secondary Worship must be your PRIMARY activity

  7. A body present when others worship

    1. Asleep sick think about lunch

    2. Present but wish you were somewhere else

    3. Wrong frame of mind angry, worried, not able to focus

Jesus teaches that our worship must have:

  1. The proper AIM

  2. The correct ACTION

  3. The ABSOLUTE obedience

  4. The right ATTITUDE


Outline from a lecture of Dan Winkler at FHU lectureship.

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