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TITLE:  4-Eyed Frog
TEXT:  2 Chronicles 13:13-15
PROPOSITION:  Lessons can be learned from a frog.
KEY WORD:  Lessons


  1. New addition to my frog collection – Chilean 4-Eyed Frog
  2. Has eye-shaped bulges on its back – look like eyes
  3. Sitting normal – these eyes are hidden by hind legs
  4. When danger is around the frog raises its back end
  5. The false eyes appear and it looks like the frog is:
    1. Larger than he really is
    2. Headed the other direction that he really is
    3. Can see what he really can’t see
  6. These false eyes are really glands that shoot a poison at its enemy

Our Text – 2 Chronicles 13:13-15

  1. King of Judah – Abijah (also called Abijam) – son of Rehoboam, grandson of Solomon
  2. King of Israel – Jeroboam 2
  3. There were many battles over territory and religion
  4. Israel sent some troops around and behind Judah
  5. Judah saw they were in an ambush – cried to the Lord
  6. Judah killed 500,000 of Israel in a great defeat

Lessons and Observations

  1. Some people try to look larger (bigger, more important, more powerful) than they really are
    1. Hypocrites – appear to be more holy than they really are
    2. Boast, brag,
  2. We need some “defense mechanism” to help us in time of trouble
    1. Turtles and skunks
    2. Some hide, some shoot poison, some sting, some thrust quills
    3. We also have our defense mechanisms
  3. Looks are deceiving – can’t judge a book by its cover
    1. Can’t judge a book by its cover
    2. 1 Samuel 16:7 – Man looks on outside, God looks at the heart
  4. Many are like this frog:
    1. Appear larger than they really are
    2. Headed the other direction
    3. Can’t see what they should see


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