Sermons - 2016

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2016.

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Some things worth knowing - We have access to a vast amount of
knowledge and information. But there is some information that we
must know and understand.

The End - We are approaching the end of 2016. The Bible has
a lot to say about "The End."

An App for That - When we need something on our mobile phone,
there is an app to solve the problem. God is the ultimate app.

God Does Not Know - God is all-knowing, but there are some things
that God does not know.

Widen the Plate - Sports have rules. Do not change the rules. Just adjust
your life to fit the rules.

Peter's Keyring - Peter was given the keys to open some doors in the
New Testament church.

Small Matter - We often minimize things we want to ignore.

Jewish Calendar - Since God established the Jewish calendar, should
we follow it instead of one set by Pope Gregory?

Beat the Devil - Who is the Devil? Can we defeat him?

Why Not Obey - Why don't more obey the gospel? Has the gospel lost
power? Have the attitude of people changed?

I am Resolved - It is not the start of a new year, but we can still make
some new resolutions.

My Heaven - Heaven is difficult to describe. Let me tell you about
my vision for heaven.

Hanging Judge - God is not a hanging judge.

The Only Doctrines - There are several doctrines that all make the
same mistake - adding the world "only" to the teaching of the Bible.

Use of God's Name - How people use the name of God shows their
respect or lack of respect for God.

Pilate's Mistakes - We can learn from the mistakes that Pilate made
in dealing with the Jewish leaders.

God is the Solution - We often look for the answers in all the wrong
places. God is the only solution to our problems.

Freedom - As we observe the 4th of July - we need to think about our
freedom in Christ.

Do not lose Bible - Many lose their Bible and fail to find it.

A Christian you Never Hear About - There are man unsung heroes
who do not make the headlines.

Way of Cain - We have a choice about the direction of our life. We
can go the way of Cain or the way of Able.

I make me mad - Who is to blame if I lose my tempter? We want to
blame everyone else for our sin.

Doctrine of Demons - We must know the doctrine of demons.

Discouragement - There are 4 secrets to overcoming the discouragement
we get from the world.

Alone - We often feel alone in this wicked world.

Loneliness - How can we learn to cope with loneliness?

How a Frog Swallows - We also "swallow" a lot of teachings that we
ought to spit out and reject.

Light Saber - The Bible is both a light and a sword - that makes it
a light saber. How is the Bible a light saber?

Be angry - We are commanded to be angry. Some anger is right and
just. Some anger is wrong.

The Moon God - Is Allah the same as Jehovah? Is Allah mentioned
in the Bible?

Worry - We all do it. Why? How can we overcome worry?

Our Church Family - Sermon for our Homecoming - 2016.

Are you Afraid? - There is a good kind of fear and types of fear that
we should not have.

Waiting at the tomb - With all the warnings from Jesus, why weren't the
apostles camped out at the tomb waiting for the resurrection?

Intercession - The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. This is different
than Jesus being our mediator.

No Beanies or BBs - The church does not need toys, games and gadgets
to have people to worship God.

Can Church Grow? - Church attendance is in decline. What will it take
to turn the situation around?

Blasphemy - What is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Is it possible
for to be guilty of this sin today?

Respectable Sins - Some sins are viewed as horrible. But there are some
sins that we ignore, wink at, are not bothered by people who do them.

Fruit of the Spirit - There are not 9 fruits - but one fruit with 9 sections.

Spirit of Christ - The Spirit of Christ is not being weak, compromising. The
true Spirit of Christ dealt with people where they were - in sin.

Baptism into one Body - There has been much discussion about the
baptism mentioned in 1 Cor. 12:13.

Not passed this way before - Christianity requires us to "plow some
new ground" and travel where we have never been.

Indwelling 2 - In the second part I look at the Method of Indwelling
and what the Spirit does

Indwelling 1 - This is the first of 2 sermons on the indwelling of the
Holy Spirit.

Heaven and Earth to Boot - Jesus asks us to seek the spiritual first.
If we do that, eternal life is "added" (thrown in, to boot).

Examples Binding - There are many examples in the Bible. Some are
examples of wrong, some right. The issue is this sermon is when is an
examples binding (as a law from God)?

Work of the Spirit - What is the work of the Holy Spirit?

Not Forgiven - There are some that God will not forgive.

The Word - John begins his gospel by introducing Jesus as the Word.

Who is the Holy Spirit - The confusion about the Holy Spirit clears with an
understanding of who He is.

Risen Savior - The resurrection of Christ is an important part of the New
Testament Christianity.

Healing from God - Nations live in fear from terrorists, mass shootings, natural
disasters. How can we live in peace and safety?

Spirit will not do - There are many things that people expect the Holy Spirit to do
that are not taught in the Bible. This is part 1 of 2.

.Frogs in a Pit - Do you hear all the discouragement? There will always be
people telling us why it can't be done. The real issue is - Do we listen to them?