Sermons - 2017

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2017.

Current or newest sermons are added to the top of this page.

Me vs the church - We must understand that there are things the church
can not do. But individual Christians can.

Value of problems - Sometimes the suffering and problems we have
in life are are real and eternal value.

Have you heard about -  Solomon gives some wisdom about gossip.

Self-defense & the church - The issue of church shootings brings up the
question about how to worship in safety.

3 Parts of Bible Study - The Bible is not a book to read once and put down. It
requires search, study, learning, and understanding.

Who is the dog? - There is often misunderstanding about this passage. Did
Jesus call this woman a dog? What is the message here?

Unconverted Christians - Many Christians are not fully converted to
a spiritual life.

Diotrephes - All we know of this man is in 3 John. But in 2 verses we
learn much about this wicked man.

Death by the Numbers - Death remains a mystery and for many, an
unspoken fear. What does the Bible teach about death?

Life Lessons - This is a lesson about Lemons, Ants and Rats. There
are 3 important lessons about life.

We are at war - Christians are soldiers in the army of the Lord.
There is a battle and we must be prepared to fight.

Old New Commandment - The old commandment is given new
meaning and emphasis in the New Testament.

Why we sing a cappella - Most sermons are about why we do
NOT use instruments in worship. But, why do we sing?

Church Words - God choose to take common, ordinary words in
use at the time of Christ and give them special spiritual meaning.

Gideon's Army - There are some important lessons we must learn
from Gideon.

Double Minded - Is it possible that we are double minded?

Spleen of Jesus - The word for compassion is from a word for the
spleen. We have "gut feelings" of deep emotion. Jesus was one with
great compassion.

East of Eden - Some parts of a city are known for the danger, crime or
immorality of that area. The Bible identifies that area as east of Eden.

Do your own thing - Many think the only moral compass they have is their
own feelings and desires. What does Solomon say?

Plan Ahead - We should plan our work and work our plan. Budgets and
financial reports are usually not fun but important for the church.

Not Obeyed God - Israel did not obey God and suffered the consequences
of it. There are lessons we need to learn.