Do you remember BEFORE there were computers? We wrote things by hand or used a typewriter. After several pens and a couple of typewriters I entered the computer era. I began with a simple Timex computer. Then after a couple of Atari computers, I moved to the IBM compatible PCs. Over the past 15 years all of my work has been on the computer.

But I have a file drawer full of handwritten / typewritten outlines that I preached way back in B. C. (before computers). These outlines are being entered into the computer and posted on this page. As I have free time more of these outlines will be added. THE NEWEST ADDITIONS ARE IN THE 5TH COLUMN.

Please feel free to use these files, or change and edit them to suit your needs. If you have any problems or questions, contact me at:    

Title Of Outlines

She did what she could Enemies of Christ Horse Here Somewhere Sinner, Savior, Saint Newest additions
Find a Man Sound Brethren Spiritual Worship The Egg Hunt to BC
Count your Blessings Treasure in Clay Pots Divorce Saved out of the church? are down this column
Memorize the Word Piddling in the Wilderness Wrong Concepts Church of God's choice  
Need to Worship Marriage Qualifications Music Issues Nature of the church  
Pictures of the Church Church for Sale God So Loved People of God's possession  
Simon of Cyrene 4 Soils The Call of Abraham No Small Stir  
Church Discipline The Church as a Family Drunk with the Spirit Human Suffering  
Family Reunion Lest We Forget Looking for Loopholes Problem of Evil  
Pay the Price Premillennial View 6 Reasons for Singing Why We Exist  
Spiritual Adultery Things in Hell Time to Celebrate The Bride's Attire  
Walk in Him Who Wrote the Bible? Why don't they Respond? What must church do?  
The Widow's Mite Worthy Art Thou Knowledge Needed for Salvation Responsibility to Church  
The Chain that Saves When you are Converted No Vacancy Adam and Christ  
Fired Up Not Burned Out Are Frog Legs Edible? That Frog Feeling Authority in the Church  
Time is Fun 4 Startling Facts Principles of Giving No Other Name  
Remember Lot's Wife Can a Sinner Pray? Hindered Prayer Backslide  
Repent or Perish Where are the Nine? A Dinner Party A Disappointed Lord  
Reverence 3 Worshipers Our God is Able Elijah's God  
Sin of Doing Nothing The Wondrous Cross Mean What He Says? The Empty Seat  
Why Send for Peter? Church is Thoughtless Body Gluttony Evangelist Qualifications  
Samson's Sins Fleas and Pumps Keep Eye on the Rainbow Future of the Church  
5 States of Jesus Home God Intended A Float Trip Christ or Swine  
Sin of not Believing Vision of the Tree Keep Tongue from Evil A Glorious Church  
Church Growth Is - - - Duty of Shepherds Duty of Sheep God's Phone Number  
Life is Great Great Bank Robbery Individual Responsibility God's Vocabulary  
Family Responsibility The Young Prophet The Day The Hand of God  
Educating for Eternity Goodness Gracious Rebellious Wives I am the Vine  
Pray with Children 12 Commandments for Husbands God Has Something Better Keeping the Saved - Saved  
Prayer - Ask and Answer Power of the Cross It Is Great to be a Christian Light of the World Your Prayer Might Be Answered
Power of Positive Thinking Be a Good Soldier Life is Great The Lord's Day Why I am a member of the church of Christ
Prophecy of Christ I Played the Fool 7 Principles of Spiritual Growth Misconceptions about the Churches of Christ What time is it
The Joshua Predicament Identified with Christ The Foolishness of God Pray without Ceasing What held Jesus to the cross
What the World Needs Now Happiness is a Word Mary had a little Lamb Prayer Changes Things We Persuade Men
Test the Work Thus Says the Lord Who Won't Make It Prayer Promises Walking on Water
Are we Obese? Cowardly, Careless, Courageous The Day of Judgment Restoration Is Victory

A Study of Sin

2 Inches off the Ham Enemies of the Cross Start a Denomination Understand the Bible Alike

How to Change your Looks

A World Upside Down Revive Us Again Strange Packages Under the Tree Trojan Horse
SMILE Open Case of Conversion Foolishness of the Cross The Eldership Things in Hell and the Church
Walk in the Light Prepare for the Trip Go Ye Does the Virgin Birth Matter? The Night New York Disappeared
Place Your Bet Yellow Teeth I am a Thumb Way, Truth, Life The Bones of Joseph
Hard Choices Why Do We Sing? Ichabod in the Church Which Church? The Blessing of Trouble
3 Mistakes in Prayer A Gathering of Strangers Around the Mountain 1 Leg of Jesus

Sins the Lord will not Forgive

Strength is a Weakness Challenge of a Gospel Meeting Old Shirts 3 Koins in a Fountain Separation or Isolation
The First Church of Christ The Teaching Triangle Pastors 7 Traits of Character Resurrection Questions
The Home in Crisis This is That Change Your Mind Christ in the Old Testament Reputation
When is a Door not a Door? Dreams Can Become Reality Count the Cost You will Die of Something Other Side of the Cross
Seek Not a Wife Obstacles to Church Growth 7 Steps to Apostasy We forgot to Crown Him Recipe for a Happy Home
Victory Language Weekday Religion Paul in Athens Guilt Parable of 5 Farmers
The Devil's Plan How to Count Joseph Forgave How to Forgive Old People in the Home
Why the World Hates Us Personal Christian Liberty Free From Want Lot's Choice Not Gods Will
What should I Quit Doing? How to be an Umpire I Need a Friend Lottery - 2 Parts No Satisfaction
What I will Leave my Children Quench Not the Spirit Is God Here? Can I Marry a Non Christian? Never Met a Man Who Believed
A Juvenile Delinquent How to be Rebellious Is the Young Man Safe? Patience Most Misunderstood Page in the Bible
Christian's Two Day Calendar The Preacher and the Pew Look is Lust Personal Bible Study Marriage Vow
Is Everybody Happy Priorities for Living Smoke Screen Christ is Recommended I have Sinned
What Did you Get for Christmas? Religious Thieves Beyond Easy Faith Rules for Living I do not believe in baptism
After His Passion Spirituality Buried Alive The Salt Shortage How to Study the Bible
Have you Been to Kadesh? Family Traditions Complicity with Evil Terminal Illness How to Disobey God
How to Kiss a Frog Who is Jesus? Discouragement Which is Better? Heartfelt Sin
What Must I Do? Hung by the Tongue Hazards to Faith Who is my brother? Fundamentals
Youth Challenges (1) Youth Challenges (2) Immutable God Whose Team are you On? Forgiveness Under the Law
Stay with the Stuff What are you Looking for? Preacher-itis Christian Work Ethic Epicurean Philosophy
Say Amen The Birth of Jesus The Chain that Saves Worse than Fire Destiny of the Church
Follow the Blueprints The New Testament Church Exciting Worship Can we all Understand the Bible Alike? 4 Houses Not for Sale
Construction Costs The Cremation of Nadab Go to War? 4 Stewards 21 Reasons Instrumental Music is Wrong
Divorce, The Rule Elders: Bad Habits - 1 of 5 God's View of Death The Chariot Stopped

And Ye Fathers

Elders: What's My Line? - 2 of 5 Elders: What's My Line? - 3 of 5 Big Bad Wolf Blueprint for a Successful Church Angels and Jesus
Elders: Disqualifications - 4 of 5 Elders: The Process - 5 of 5 Break Me How to Have a Good Fight Ask Your Preacher
Enemies of the Cross Frame Up Your Faith That Which is Perfect The Lord's Supper Born Again

The Problem of Giving

Feeling Guilty Portrait of a Prodigal God of the 5th Sparrow Can a Child of God Be Lost
Conditions of Prayer What Makes the Church Unique? Unity 7 Guidelines for Life Can the Gospel Save Men
Worship Changes Wine 1- Bible Words Elder Authority 11 Rules for Happiness Work of the Holy Spirit
Worship Changes 2 Wine 2 - Social Drinking The Rapture Atheists in Church The Petunia
3 Attainments in Life 1 Year to Live God's Party Be Angry Thoughts on Dying
Backsliding A Whole Religion End of the World Habits: How to Break Them Fight a good fight
Filthy Dreamers How to be a Friend of God Funeral of a City Christ is the Answer Disciple in a corner
Rust as a Witness Spirits in Prison Tourist or Resident? Holy Spirit Baptism Busy here and there
What is Worldliness? You Have Come To - Does Anybody Care? Why Johnny can't Listen Barabbas
God Hates Divorce Door of Opportunity I Love You Holy Spirit - Unknown God Adoption
Satan's Pitchfork A Bag with Holes How Loving am I? Born Again 1 How to Use the Lord's Day
The Leaning Wall In the Ministry Modesty Born Again 2 Standing on the Promises
No Other Doctrine Recycle Relaxing Why Christians Fail Run Not With Them
Robbing God Splintered Love Let's Start Over Don't Study the Bible Pride
Moral Values Office of Deacon Frog Legs for Breakfast Father's Charge to Son Personal Controversy
Christian Hope Miserable Christians Public Prayer On Parole Pagan Christians
Elder Qualifications Reasonable Hope True Love Prejudice Anonymous Any Old Ladies Here?
How to Behave Great Commission Member - Elder Relationship Priesthood of Believers Guilt is Good
Good Minister The Great Commission Great Decisions Purpose of Moses Does the Holy Ghost go out on Halloween?
Head of the House Infidel Know for Sure Rebuilding the Wall How to Enjoy Heaven
The Lord's Supper Impact Meditate Life is Rocky Changing Religion
Pogo's Advice Some Shall Depart Who can be Saved? What is the Fellowship? When baptism is not baptism
Why are they Lost? An Example of Worship When is Worship Worship? When to have Kids The Ark and the Church
The Box Seats Faith Comes By - Ignoring Commands Who are the Wise Men? 21 Reasons
Jesus came to live or die? Music God Wants Respect for God To Tolerate or Not 7 Kinds of Profanity
Under the Circumstances Withdraw Thyself Enough is Enough - 1 Throne of Grace Formula for Baptism?
Fight the Enemy Flee or Follow? Enough is Enough - 2 3 Points about Judgment Importance of Communion
NIMBY Heart to Heart Preaching Perils Can the Church be Saved? Strict and Loose
Talents Parable Seed Pickers Contentment Give Yourself to the Lord Mr. Jones Meets the Master
Can We Forfeit Eternal Life? Putting Up Walls One More Night with Frogs Jesus, Master Teacher Rules for Worship
Your Prayer might be Answered Respectable Sins The Rich Young Ruler Strange Packages under the Tree What Youth Need
Turn or Burn What is a Christian? What lack I yet? What's My Line? Devil's Lie - Drinking
Drifting Away God's Druthers Greet One Another Make Lemonade Satan's Devices
The Mind of Christ More from a Sermon Out of the Closet Ready to Respond Spirit of Christmas
Case Study of Sin Strengthen Your Lip Take a Little Honey They Didn't Care Sour Grapes