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TITLE: God’s First Commandment
Genesis 1:26-28
God’s first instructions are important ones for us today.


  1. Many think the 1st command was – “Don’t eat of the tree in the garden.”
  2. Our text contains the first command from God to Adam and Eve.


Reap – “be fruitful”

  1. God wants us to be useful, productive
  2. All should make a contribution to society
  3. If any will not work, neither should he eat
  4. When sin entered – (sweat, labor, pain)


Reproduce – “multiply”

  1. Have children.
  2. This world was not built for Adam and Eve only.
  3. Not homosexual – lesbian relationships.


Replace – “replenish”

  1. Literally – to fill and keep full
  2. Take care of the environment – replace what you use.
  3. Let land rest, rotate crops, plant trees
  4. Keep the land available for future generations


Responsible – “subdue”

  1. Be responsible for your actions.
  2. Assume some responsibility – not let others do your part.
  3. Bring under control all parts of your life- Control
    Emotions, drugs, alcohol, anger, tongue, violent actions


Regulate – “have dominion”

  1. Exercise influence over the creation.
  2. Oversee = see that things are done correctly, properly
  3. Fish / Sea; Birds / Air; Living things / Earth
  4. Government, law, police, elders in the church

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