Sermons - A - F

Last updated: December 16, 2003

NOTE: The following sermons are not in alphabetical order. The newest additions are on the top of this list.

All is Loss - Christianity is not cheap. There are some costs to being a faithful, dedicated Christian. What does Jesus teach about the cost for following Him?
Equal with God - Many think of Jesus as something less than God. Jesus IS God in the full sense of the definition. He is powerful, eternal, all-knowing. Every attribute about God applies to Jesus.
Beware of Dogs - Paul gives some clear, plain, simple warnings. There are dangerous dogs in the church. This sermon looks at some various "breeds" of dogs in the Bible.
5 Kernels of Corn - Thanksgiving sermon - Here are some things for which we ought to be grateful. Use this list as a beginning place for your thanksgiving to God.
1 Generation - Here is a sobering thought. We are always only one generation away from apostasy. If we do not teach our children, the message of the gospel will be lost in one generation. The doctrine and faith that we have will disappear.
Angry God - Most people have a view of God as kind, gentle, compassionate and love. However, the Bible also teaches that God has an angry side. This sermon looks at anger - human and divine. What can we learn from the anger (wrath) of our God?
9 / 12 - All Americans know the numbers 9/11. But did this traumatic event have life-changing effect on us? This sermon is preached 2 years after the attack on the terrorist attacks. What lessons have we learned?
Can God Deliver Us? - The king asked Daniel if his God was able to deliver him. How powerful is the God we worship today? Can God deliver us?
Beginning Corner - To understand what is included in the New Testament church and what is outside the borders of the kingdom, you need a beginning corner. (This is a chart sermon - photo of chart is included.)
4 Stages of Life - We need to be aware that we can settle into a life that loses our zeal and excitement for the Lord. This sermon will show you some ways to keep your faith alive. We must avoid spiritual stagnation.
Accepting Jesus - Many preachers urge people to "accept Jesus." What does this mean? What demands are included in the requirement to accept Jesus?
Prophecies about the Birth of Christ - There are many prophecies concerning the birth of Jesus that prove He is the Son of God. Coincidence would not happen that many times.
Cheerful Giver - What can we learn about giving from the widow who gave 2 mites? How can I be a cheerful giver?
Duties of the Church toward Elders - Today we are installing additional elders. This sermon will look at the responsibilities we as a congregation have toward these men.
Blessings of Obedience - I know that I ought to obey the commands of the Bible, but are there some special blessings on those who obey God? YES!
Frog Shoes - In my long collection of "Frog" sermons, this is the latest. What kind of shoes do frogs wear? What kind of shoes are you wearing? Are your shoes ready for the task before us?
Direction from God - This sermon seeks to understand how God communicates with us to direct us in the right way. What are some of the means and methods God uses to guide us?
Direction from God 2 - This is part 2 of the sermon above.
Are Angels Active Today? - There is much confusion about angels and their work. Do we have guardian angels? What are angels doing today? Are they active on earth?
Food and Fur - Are Christians supposed to eat meat or wear animal furs? There are several groups that protest the use of animals for research, meat, hide or fur. What does the Bible teach? What is God's view?
Elder Authority - The last in the series on Elders. This sermon looks the duties and authority of elders. Do elders have authority? In what areas do they have power to make decisions?
Elder Qualifications - Positive - This is part 2 of a study of the qualifications for elders. A chart shows each qualification in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1; gives the meaning of the word; and a question to ask about a person being considered for the office of elder.
Elder Qualifications - Negative - This outline is a simple chart listing each of the negative qualifications, the meaning of the word, and a question to ask about those being considered for appointment to the eldership.
Are the Fences Moved? - Job was protected by a wall of spikes. What happens when the fence is taken down? What about your life? Are you faithful only when the fence is up?
Do's and Don'ts for a Stay in the Lion's Den - Like Daniel, we find ourselves in a den of lions. What can we do? How can you survive your time in lion's den? Learn some lessons from the example of Daniel.
Can God Deliver Us? - God delivered in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, and He can deliver today.
Angry with God - When life becomes harsh, we become angry with God. Jonah is a case of one who was angry at God for the death of a vine that was giving him shade.
David: True Story - Many have not heard an important part of the story of David and Goliath. The Bible story books skip an important part of this story.
Faith that Inquires - Faith is not blind, a leap into the dark. It is based on evidence and substance. Faith will ask, "Why?" This is not doubt. It is a faith that inquires.
God's First Command - Before sin. Before weeds. In the paradise of Eden there were commands to be followed by Adam and Eve. This sermon examines the first command of God.
Build it, They will come - Jesus built the church. If the church is built on faith in Christ, on the proper foundation, and with the proper motives and mission - they will come.
Christ's Prayer - In the prayer of John 17 - Who did Jesus pray for? What did he pray for? Does this prayer still apply to us today?
Church Membership - What does it mean to "place membership" with a local congregation? Can I just be a member of the church at large? What does membership mean?
Camel Soup - Jesus talked about some who swallow camels (eat camel soup). This term was used to describe the Pharisees of Jesus' day. Are there any camel soup eaters around today? Lots of them!
Whistles and Wicks (Spiritual Burnout) - Isaiah uses some graphic words to describe the believer who gets burned out, exhausted, and weary. Are you a broken whistle or a burned out wick?
3 Hats of Jesus - Jesus wears many hats (has many different jobs). This text looks at 3 of the many hats Jesus wears.
A Changing World - We resist change. But changes come anyway. What can change? What must not change? How can we adjust to our rapidly changing world?
3 New Testament Fools - There are many living the life of a fool. The fool is not just silly, he is dangerous - to others and especially to himself.
4 Stupid Things - Sometimes even the faithful do stupid things. Here are 4 things Abraham and Sarah did. We often repeat their mistakes.
Aim for Joy - How can we have deep joy? We often seek happiness (temporary) when what we need is an abiding joy that comes from our relationship with Christ.
First Prayers in the Bible - The first mentions of prayer in the Bible teach us some important lessons about prayer in our lives.
Frog in a Pit - Discouragement can keep us from getting out. How should a Christian respond to negative criticism?
Act Your Age - God expects us to "grow up" in Christ. Too many Christians are acting like small children.
Baptism (a chart sermon) - This chart lesson (a photo of the chart included) answers most questions on baptism.
Wells of Salvation - Salvation is a deep subject. This is a study of the deep wells of salvation.
Double Minded Dads - Father's Day sermon on the need for fathers to provide leadership in the home.
Blood of Jesus - This is a sermon of scripture mixed with songs that teach there is power in the blood of Jesus.
Easter: Fact and Fiction - How did 1st centruy Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ?
If a man die, shall he live again? - What happens after we die? Where will we go? What will be our eternal destiny?
Comeback Trail – When we leave God, can we come back?
When Church and State Collide – When to affairs of the state become a concern of the church?
Are you Sure? – Christians do not have to live in doubt about where they will spend eternity.
Days of Creation – Were the 6 days of creation 24-hour days or long eras of time?
When your church leaves you – What should you do when your church (or organization) changes?
How to Boil a Frog – Sin can sneak up on us slowly until the unimaginable has become acceptable.
$3 of God – Many want just enough of God to remove guilt.
Creation Lessons – Here are some lessons we can learn from the creation.
Created Equal – Are all men created equal? Why are we so different?
Christmas Celebration – What does the Bible teach about the celebration of Christmas?
Big Deal – Some scoff at Jesus. Here is what the “big deal” is about Jesus.
Achan – What did Achan do what was so bad?
Body of Christ – The church is compared to a physical body.
Cleaned Up – Cleaning our life is more important than cleaning our body.
Courage – It takes courage to be a leader in the church today.
Don’t Discourage – Mark 9:38-40 is often misunderstood.
Dangerous Prayers – Prayer can be dangerous.
Empty Nest – Marriages must adjust as children leave the nest.
Coronation of Christ – We must crown Jesus KING of our lives.
In the Borderland – Some are near, but not in the kingdom.
Bible certainties – Here some truths you can be certain about.
Fine art of frog kissing – Turning a frog into a prince requires a special skill.
6 kinds of families – You have a family relationship in the church.
Choose for yourselves – We are free to make moral choices.
3 points about the judgment – Judgment is coming. Are you ready?
Anemic Christians – Many are weak and sickly.
Friend of God – Here is how to have God as your friend.
Fishers of men – Catching men is like catching fish.
Fell among thieves – The world is stealing good words from us.
Language of Ashdod – We should speak as the Bible speaks.
Power of forgiveness – Forgiveness is a powerful thing.
2K or not 2K, Y? – What if I could live 2,000 years?
Church and the Civil War – How did the church deal with the strife of the civil war and not become divided?
Burdensome commands – Does God make demands on us that are too difficult for us to obey?
Avoid resolutions (1) – Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
Avoid resolutions (2) – This sermon is part 2.
Faith is the victory – Faith gives us the courage to win the battle with Satan.
Break me, Lord – God must take us, break us, and make us.
Blessings on Earth – Heaven is in the eternal. We also are blessed here and now.
Some Assembly Required – Some seek to construct God to fit their desires.
Your first love – What is meant by the phrase, “left your first love”?
Second Mile – We must travel the 2nd mile in our relationships.
Death Penalty – God is serious about sin and the punishment of sin.
Blood of Christ – Examine the “what” and “when” of the blood of Christ.
2000: Doom or Hope? – There are many Y2K doomsayers.
Because we were Baptized – What are the results and blessings of baptism?
3rd Generation – There are some dangers to being the 3rd generation.
3 Vital questions – Faith in Jesus is essential to salvation.
It’s About Time – We postpone and delay. It is time to get serious.
Deacon Servers – Deacons must provide leadership.
Christian Education – Our teens need to attend a Christian College.
Bag with Holes – A study of wasted, fruitless effort.
If frogs had Wings – We waste a lot of time wishing things were different.
Gifts without Cost – Here are some gifts that do not cost money.
Try, Try Again – Balak kept trying until he succeeded.
Convictions – How deep is your faith? What would you die for?
Colors of the Cross – The colors of the cross teach some important lessons.
Bones of Christians – Here are some “bones” in the body of Christ.
Frustrated God – God is frustrated when we reject Him.
Ball of Fire – How can we on fire for the Lord?
Jesus in the O. T. – What was Jesus doing before Bethlehem?
3 to get Ready – Here are 3 approaches to get people ready to work.
Has the Fire Gone Out? – Have you lost your zeal and excitement?
FROG – This sermon says that we must “Forever Rely On God.”
Contrary Winds – How can you sail when the wind is against us?