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TITLE:  Are you angry with God?
TEXT:  Jonah 4:1-4
PROPOSITION:  Sometimes we are angry with God.
KEY WORD:  Lessons


  1. Illness, death, prayers not answered our way = anger at God
  2. Suffering, persecution, unjust punishment = anger at God
  3. Don’t get what we want, lose what we have = anger at God
  4. There are some important lessons we must learn.

 In the case of Jonah

  1. Preached – told Nineveh to repent
  2. Waited to watch the fireworks
  3. Jonah got angry at God – 4:1-4
  4. Just when we are ready for revenge – God forgives
  5. Built a shelter from the sun
  6. God “prepared a vine” – Jonah was grateful (4:6)
  7. God “prepared a worm” – killed the vine (4:7)
  8. Jonah wished he could die – avoid the heat
  9. “Is it right for you to be angry about the plant?” (4:9)
  10. You did not buy it, plant it, water it, care for it.
  11. Why do you care what happened to that vine?
  12. Should I not care for a city of 120,000 souls in Nineveh?

 Application for us

  1. Angry when we don’t get our way – what we want, when we want it
  2. Angry when we lose what was not ours to begin with
  3. Angry because we do not know the purpose of God
  4. Angry because we want revenge

 Are you angry with God?

  1. God loves you, cares about you
  2. God seeks what is best – even when it hurts
  3. God has a plan – beyond our ability to comprehend
  4. God will deal with the unjust at judgment day

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