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TITLE: A Ball of Fire

TEXT: Numbers 9:15-23

PROPOSITION: We should be a ball of fire for the Lord.


KEY WORD: Essentials



  1. Child in Bible Class – “God was a cloud in the day and a ball of fire at night.”
  2. As the tabernacle (tent temple) was erected – God dwelled above it.
  3. Cloud in the daytime, Fire by night.
  4. When it moved – Israel moved. When it stayed – Israel stayed.
  5. I was a volunteer Fireman, on rescue squad, DPS chaplain
  6. I attended monthly training sessions about fire.
  7. Three things are needed to have a fire. Any of these missing = no fire.


Fuel (something to burn)

  1. To have fire – something must be able to burn – wood, gas, car, house, forest.
  2. Remove the fuel and the fire will go out. Propane tank – turn off the valve.
  3. Electric fire – pull the plug.
  4. Of what are you made – are you willing to burn?
  5. Burn = zeal (Jeremiah 20:9 – Fire in my bones)
  6. Burn = consumed (Hebrews 12:29 – God is a consuming fire.)
    (John 2:17 – Zeal has eaten me up)
  7. You can not be an “asbestos” Christian.
  8. If we are to be on fire for the Lord – we must be able to burn.



Oxygen (right environment)

  1. Fire consumes oxygen. Most house fire deaths are not from fire, but suffocation.
  2. Put a glass over a candle and it will go out – no oxygen.
  3. Roofing tar fire – we foamed over it. Smothered the oxygen.
  4. Chimney fire – special flare to consume the oxygen.
  5. We must be in the right environment to be on fire for God.
    Prayer, Worship, Family life, Morals, Faith, Read Bible
    Absence of these things and the fire will go out.
  6. Zeal for the Lord demands the right environment.


Ignition source (get fuel to ignition temperature)

  1. If you cool the fuel below ignition temperature – fire will go out.
  2. Most fires use water, or a chemical (dry extinguisher) to put out the fire.
  3. What sparks you to action?
    Bible class, sermon, encouragement from elders, announcement in bulletin
  4. We need a “spark” to ignite us. (Acts 9:5)
  5. When we reach our ignition temperature – we will be on fire for God.



  1. Church building on fire, many watching, stranger in the crowd.
  2. Preacher said, “I haven’t seen you at church before.”
  3. Man said, “I never saw the church on fire before.”

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