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TITLE:  Church and its Elders
TEXT:  1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
PROPOSITION:  Members of the local congregation have some duties toward the elders who oversee the flock.
KEY WORD:  Duties


  1. Today we are adding elders to the eldership of the church here.
  2. This will give greater wisdom, thought and input for decisions.
  3. They will share the load as shepherds.
  4. You have some duties toward these men.



  1. Know them that labor among you and are over you  1 Thessalonians 5:12
    Be acquainted with them; learn them; let them learn you.
    Honor them, esteem them; Respect them.

  2. Be in submission to them                       Hebrews 13:17
    Submit means – “Yield to” To place yourself under
    This does not mean they are dictators – “lords over the flock”
    It does mean that they care for your soul and seek what is best for this church
    Placing membership” mean I will be active in this church, submit to the elders

  3. Imitate them                Hebrews 13:7
    Conditional – As they follow Christ – 1 Corinthians 11:1
    Follow their Faith; Example; Leadership
    Observe their – Love; Liberality; Attendance; Work for the church

  4. Remember them                  Hebrews 13:24
    Honor those who served in the past
    Appreciate the struggles of the past for us to reach the present

  5. Do not receive an accusation against them                       1 Timothy 5:19
    It is easy to pick flaws; Gripe; Not understand a decision.
    Elders can make mistakes. If it is a valid objection – raise it.
    Be careful not to listen to every “gripe” or “gossip” concerning them.

  6. Call for them                       James 5:14
    James places the responsibility on you to call them.
    Sick (physical or spiritual) – They can:
    1. Pray – James 5:16
    2. Anoint with oil (give an aspirin, make comfortable, relieve pain)

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