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TITLE: Christmas: Celebration or Desecration?

TEXT: Romans 14:5-7

PROPOSITION: God has instructed us about holiday observations.


KEY WORD: Observations



1.        Here it is Christmas time again.

2.        Some are confused because we DON'T have special programs, services.

3.        Some are confused because we DO have a party.


1. Arguments AGAINST:

In syllogism form of logic, it is argued:

Major: Christmas is of (pagan, Catholic, denominational, worldly) origin.

Minor: All things of (pagan, Catholic, denominational, worldly) origin are wrong.

Conclusion: Therefore, Christmas is wrong.

1.       Pagan origin.

A.      So are days of week Pagan deities

B.       Months of the year Pagan deities or Roman emperors.

C.       Other customs and superstitions "Knock on wood."

2.        Roman Catholic origin So are candles, church weddings, and church funerals.

3.        Denominational practice Sunday school, orphan homes, Sunday night worship, Wednesday night Bible Study, Bus ministries, church related colleges, radio and TV programs. NOTE: Just because some thought of it first, does not make it wrong.

4.        Worldly origin Microwaves, TV, heat and AC. Reject modern world = Amish Community.


2. Let's Talk About:

1. The date:

A.      Pagan worship of the sun god (shortest day)

B.       Several dates at first Dec. 15 & Jan. 6

C.       Settled on Dec. 25th a compromise

2. Gift Exchanges

A.      Learning the blessing of sharing? (Acts 20:35)

B.       Ask children, "What are you giving?"

3. The word "Christmas"

A.      Old English "Christes Messe" = "mass of Christ"

B.       French word "Noel" "birthday"

C.       What about "Xmas"?

a. "Mas" still means mass

b. "X" = Roman symbol for Christ and cross


3. What can we do on December 25th?

1.        Anything you can do on any other day.

2.        Family, friends, gifts, cards

3.        Gifts, trees, parties, decorations

4.        Worship, talk about the birth of Christ

5.        Special service, sing birth songs


4. Scriptural Studies

1. Gal. 4:10-11

A.      Caution: This has reference to the "binding" of Jewish holy days.

B.       Does this apply to the observance of any day as special?

C.       It would forbid birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

2. Rom. 14:5-7

A. Personal Liberty

a.        One can observe the day

b.       Another can choose to ignore (not observe) the day

c.        BOTH are doing right

B. Make sure that God is glorified

a.        Apply to fasts, days of prayer

b.       Problem is NOT in observing or not observing

c.        Problem is in BINDING EITHER of these

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