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TITLE: Fell Among Thieves
TEXT: Luke 10:25-30
PROPOSITION: Many good concepts become distorted by the world.

  1. INTRODUCTION: We should not allow the world to change our thinking.
  2. BUT – it does. The world steals good words and changes them into something evil.
  3. Last Sunday’s lesson on Love reminded me that many words have been stolen.
  4. 1 Peter 4:11 – If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God
  5. Here are some WORDS that have "fallen among thieves."

Gay – Homosexual

  1. When I was a child, I could have a "gay" time at a party.
  2. Now the world has stolen this good word – given it corrupt meaning.
  3. I refuse to use "Gay" to refer to the sin of homosexuality.
  4. Use of this word, in my mind, makes it sound OK.

Drink – Alcohol

  1. When you hear the words, "Do you want a drink?" The world thinks alcohol.
  2. I DRINK – Coffee, Coke, Cool-Aid, Water
  3. The world has robbed us of the ability to drink.

Worship – Entertainment

  1. Original word = to honor, praise, adore God.
  2. Today = to be entertained with a religious theme
  3. Pulpit has become "stage"; Music has become entertainment
  4. Worship must be directed to God. John 4:24

Christian – Good Moral Person Regardless of Faith or Obedience

  1. At funeral home, "Not a member of the church but a good Christian lady."
  2. Christian = follower of Christ – Obey, Believer, Follower, Disciple
  3. World has said anyone with good morals is a Christian.
  4. Cornelius was a good moral man – not a Christian. Acts 11:14

Church – Denominational definition

  1. How many churches are there? Two answers – A) One church –universal; B) Many choices
  2. Denominational view – Church = Pizza; Many slices – but all the same pie.
  3. Attend church of your choice, One is as good as another

Baptism – Three modes

  1. Dictionary – three modes – sprinkling, pouring, immersion
  2. Many reasons – dedication of infant, Original Sin, join church, get on roll
  3. Bible teaches – three requirements for baptism
    A. Proper subject – not infant, believer, repentant, confessing faith in Christ
    B. Proper mode – burial in water (Romans 6:4)
    C. Proper purpose – Wash away sins, remission of sins, saved from sin
  4. Must I be baptized again?
    If you have been baptized according to the Bible – no need to repeat.
    If you have not – You need to.

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