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Text: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10


  1. When the Jets upset the Colts in Super Bowl III, Joe Nameth was asked if the Colts might have won if Jimmy Orr had been spotted as he was all alone for a touchdown.
  1. In response, Nameth said, "If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their bottoms when they jump."
  2. Paul (text) said, "IF only things were different – I could be a success."
  3. All too often, reality is rejected in favor of conditions and circumstances that do not exist.
  4. Such failures to accept reality have led to many real failures.

I. When Conditions Are Not Good—If Only Times Would Get Better.

A. Many consider quitting
Jeremiah 20:9 No speak anymore, sit by road, FIRE in my bones

B. God would have us overcome
Revelation chs. 2-3 Promises to those who overcome

C. Some see only the distress that surrounds them
Matthew 14:26-31 – Peter could only see the waves

D. Others look to the God who is in control
Revelation 4:1-11

E. Distressing times break some

  1. Trials develop proven character in others
    James 1:2-4
    2 Corinthians 12:7-10

II. When Conditions Are Good—If Only Good Times Would Never End.

A. People don't seem to need God – I did this all by myself.

B. Pride grows.

C. God is thought to be inactive
Psalm 53:1 – Fool says, No God.

D. Temporal things are seen as being more important than eternal concerns
Amos 6:1-7 – At ease in Zion, lay on couch, eat fruit, nation is lost.

III. When Conditions Are Ordinary—If Only We Lived In Special Times.

A. The value of the ordinary can easily be overlooked.

1. In Influencing others
Matthew 5:16 – Let your light shine

2. In the common activities of life

3. In all service
Luke 16:10 – Faithful over little – be faithful over much

B. True change is proven in the ordinary settings of everyday life.
Luke 16 – Rich man and Lazarus
See vs. 27-31 Not hear Moses, Not believe Lazarus

C. Service to God makes life special even in ordinary circumstances (Jn. 4:34).


  1. Frogs get along just fine without wings.
  2. A relationship with God, not conditions, this is the key to success and peace

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