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TITLE:  Birth Prophecies
TEXT:  Matthew 1:20-23
PROPOSITION:  Jesus birth provides many important clues to His deity.
KEY WORD:  Fulfillments


  1. One of the great facts of the Birth of Jesus is that every aspect of the Life of Christ is a fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy.

  2. As we study some of the Old Testament Prophecies and their fulfillment –

  3. Note how they prove He is the Son of God.

1.       The Conquering Seed:

  1. Genesis 3:15-Prophecy – Seed of woman will bruise head of serpent
  2. Galatians 3:16, 19 – Fulfillment verified

 2.       The Virgin Birth:

  1. Isaiah 7:14-Prophecy – A virgin shall have a son, call his name Immanuel
  2. Matthew 1:19 – Fulfillment recorded

 3.       As to the Time:

  1. Genesis 49:10 – Scepter shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes
  2. Numbers 24:17 – I see him, but not now, not near
  3. Galatians 4:4 — In the fullness of time

 4.       Also, as to the Time:

  1. Malachi 3:1 – John would prepare the way
  2. Luke 2:11— Jesus was born when all things were prepared and ready

 5.       As to the Place of Birth:

  1. Micah 5:2 — Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem
  2. Matthew 2:1, 5, & 6 — Birth took place in Bethlehem

 6.       Jesus’ parents took Him to Egypt for safety:

  1. Hosea 11:1 – Out of Egypt have I called my son
  2. Matthew 2:14-15 – Fulfillment

 7.       John the Baptizer would Prepare the Way:

  1. Malachi 4:5 – Elijah (in spirit and power) would come first
  2. Luke 1:17 – Fulfillment

 8.       The Name of the Messiah:

  1. The name Joshua (Hebrew) and the Jesus (Greek) are the same and mean “God Saves”.
  2. Matthew 1:25—Jesus is given this name. It occurs 542 Times in NT.


  1. This title denotes Authority, Dominion, Deity and occurs 174 times in NT.
  2. It shows the Honor, Dignity, and Majesty of Jesus
  3. Is He the Lord of Your Life?


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