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TITLE: 2K or not 2K - Y?
TEXT: Ecclesiastes 6:1-6
PROPOSITION: For many, life seems few and futile.
KEY WORD: Events

  1. INTRODUCTION: Many are worried about the Y2K problem.
  2. What is so strange about changing millenniums?
  3. See Ragged Edge – page 174-186

Current "Crisis" Doomsayers

  1. Many web sites on Y2K, books – doom, prepare (1 year of food, water, guns and ammo,
  2. Many are saying take all money out of banks, don’t pay any bills in Dec. 99.
  3. Electricity will stop. Banks will close. Worldwide disruption.
  4. Attacked by people wanting food – Guns are needed to protect YOUR supply.
  5. You will owe interest on your mortgage from the year 1900.

The Foreigner Steals our Joy

The reason man can’t enjoy the blessings is that a foreigner has come and

"ripped off" the enjoyment. Who is this "foreigner" that steals our joy?

  1. Adversary – any problem – spiritual, work, friendship, financial, social.
  2. Sickness – yours or someone you love.
  3. Domestic conflicts – marriage, divorce, children, drinking, drugs.
  4. Natural calamity – flood, hurricane, tornado.

We try many things to regain what is stolen.

  1. Many children. (3) Just more heartaches, disappointments.
  2. More years (6) – live for 2,000 years. Just 2,000 years of pain.
  3. Hard work (7) – Just more frustrations.
  4. Wisdom, education (8) – Educated get cancer and die, too.

Lessons to learn – (10)

  1. God is sovereign.
  2. Mankind is not sovereign.
  3. Disputing (arguing) with God is a waste of time and effort.

Questions to Ask –

  1. Who knows what is good for man during his lifetime? – (12)
  2. Does life seem futile?
  3. Are you fearful about the future?


  1. Your years may be few, but they do not have to be futile.
  2. Longer life is not the answer.
  3. Serving God is the answer.

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