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TITLE: Three Hats of Jesus
: Hebrews 10:21-31
: We must follow Jesus.
: Which?
WORD: Positions
: Hebrews 10:21-25


  1. Hats represent jobs.

  2. At one time I wore a fire hat (volunteer) and a coach hat (little league soccer).

  3. Out text describes three of the hats that Jesus wears.

 I. Jesus the Priest     21-24

  1. He is of the tribe of Levi (through Mary).

  2. He is after the order of Melchisedek.

  3. We follow by:  (22-24)

1.        Draw near in full assurance

2.        Heart and body cleansed.

3.        Holding the profession of our faith.

4.        Consider one another -

  1. Provoke to love

  2. Provoke to good works

 II. Jesus the Captain  25-26 (See also Hebrews 2:10)

  1. Jesus calls the assembly together.

  2. Donít go AWOL.

  3. Many have fallen into this habit.

  4. Rather, exhort and encourage each other-

  5. To be present at "roll call".

  6. Get more excited.

  7. Do not sin "willfully".

  8. NOT: "Missing" church

  9. BUT: "Abandonment"   "Desertion"   "AWOL"

 III. Jesus the Judge     27-31

A.      Judgment is:

  1. Certain

  2. Fearful

  3. Fiery indignation

B.       Under the law of Moses

  1. Two or three witnesses

  2. All 10 Commandments = death penalty

C.       Sorer punishment

  1. Trampled on the Son of God- dirt on the floor

  2. Made the blood of Christ "unholy"- pig blood

  3. Despised the Holy Spirit

D.      Vengeance belongs to God

  1. Not our job to "get even" or "pay back"

  2. God will settle all accounts

  3. We will be in God's hands- fearful thing.


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