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TITLE:  For Food and Fur
TEXT:  Genesis 9:3-6
PROPOSITION:  Animals have a purpose for man.
KEY WORD:  Purposes


  1. There are many animal rights activists – protect the snail darter, save the whales
  2. Anti-fur – don’t eat meat – don’t wear leather shoes or clothes
  3. While I am for the protection and care of all living things – the Bible is not anti-meat or fur.


Personal note:

  1. I have no ax to grind – I do not hunt or fish
  2. All I shoot is golf (not very well)
  3. I certainly believe that we must:
    1. Use our resources (including food) with wisdom, not wasteful
    2. Not just kill for the sake of the “hunt”
    3. Protect ourselves from unhealthy situations (roaches, rats, termites)

God said:

  1. Everything that lives shall be food for you. (3)
  2. Even as you can eat every green herb (3)
  3. Not eat the blood – but eat the flesh (4-6)

Other passages:

  1. Genesis 1:30 – every beast of the field is for food
  2. Genesis 3:21 – God made coats of skins for clothing for them
  3. Exodus 36:19 – Ram’s skins for covering of tabernacle
  4. 1 Timothy 4:3-4 – nothing refused if received with thanksgiving
  5. Colossians 2:16; 21-22 – not judge in respect to meat, taste not
  6. 1 Corinthian 10:23-26 – eat and ask no questions
  7. Romans 14:3; 14-20 – vegetarian or meat eater – both give God glory
  8. Acts 10:12-15 – do not call any meat unclean
  9. John 4:8 – went into city to buy meat (food)

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