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TITLE: 2 Frogs in a Pit
Isaiah 42:18-20
The world can be discouraging – if we listen to them.


  1. Read story (below)
  2. Understand the application.


Noah and the Ark – Genesis 6-8

  1. Build an ark – to float on water – rain coming
  2. World scoffed, laughed, scorned him


Moses leading Israel at Red Sea – Exodus 14

  1. Brought us out here to die
  2. Stand still and see salvation of the Lord


Moses in Wilderness – Exodus 16 - Manna

  1. First bitter water – Marah – now this. No food.
  2. Manna was sent from heaven every day.


David and Goliath – 1 Samuel 17

  1. Too big, huge spear, not trained, no armor
  2. “Is there not a cause?”


Man teaching Christ – Mark 9:38-43

  1. He was doing a good work – but we did not know him.
  2. We told him to stop.


 Have you ever been discouraged from doing good?

  1. Many nay Sayers – “It can’t be done.” Impossible.
  2. Don’t listen to them.



  1. Have you been “in the pit” and told you can’t escape?
  2. Learn – don’t stop jumping.
  3. Zig Ziglar  (See You at the Top) – tells about training fleas – put in jar with lid – ping, ping as they hit the lid, they learn how high they can jump, soon no more pings are heard, remove lid and no fleas escape, not because they can’t, they learned they can’t


Once upon a time – a group of frogs was traveling through the woods, when two frogs fell into a deep pit. All the other frogs began to gather around the pit. Observing how deep the pit was they began to surmise, “Oh my, they are goners for sure!” “That pit is too deep for any frog to jump out.” “It is hopeless, there is no escape.” In unison, all the frogs lamented the fate of their two friends.

One of the frogs, hearing of his hopeless plight, just gave up; laid down, and died. The other frog, however, jumped and jumped. All his frog friends implored him to stop. He was going to hurt himself. It was, after all, hopeless. He was urged to accept the inevitable.

Undaunted, he jumped and jumped. Suddenly, one jump extricated him from the pit. He hopped away. He never heard all the cries of his friends. This frog was deaf.

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