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TITLE: Contrary Winds

TEXT: Matthew 14:22-33

PROPOSITION: Contrary winds can be a blessing in disguise.


KEY WORD: Oppositions


  1. We cannot have the winds without them sometimes for us
    and sometimes against us.
  2. This keeps life from being dull and full of boredom.
  3. It takes no skill to sail with the wind.
    When the wind is against you that takes skill.


We have to row against contrary winds

  1. Man still has to battle contrary winds in life
  2. There is no escape from opposing winds by becoming a Christian
  3. Paul had to battle discouraging forces all his life
  4. Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers
  5. Adverse winds discipline us Hebrews 12:11
  6. Negative circumstances try our faith Hebrews 11:17


Some Oppositions (distressing winds) we must meet

  1. Betrayal by supposed friends Matthew 10:21
  2. Persecution by enemies Matthew 5:11-12
  3. Lying tongues which hurt you Matthew 5:44
  4. Financial backsets Luke 12:15
  5. Accident which brings injury Philippians 4:11
  6. Loss of health 3 John 2
  7. Disappointments 1 Thessalonians 2:18
  8. Death of a loved one Job 1:21


Faith is sometimes lost when things go well

  1. There is a danger of losing faith when things go well Psalm 55:19
  2. One of the advantages of good times can be forgetfulness Luke 12:16-20
  3. Another is pride in self-sufficiency Proverbs 16:18

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