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TITLE: FROG = Forever Rely On God

TEXT: Isaiah 50:10; 2 Chronicles 16:7-10

PROPOSITION: Faith is seen in our reliance on God.


KEY WORD: Requirements

SCRIPTURE READING: 2 Chronicles 16:7-10



  1. This is the latest addition to my "frog" sermons.
  2. A member here gave the idea to me.
  3. Spell FROG Forever Rely On God


Why should we rely on God?

  1. I am not superman Can't do it on my own.
  2. Others friends, government are not reliable can be disappointed.
  3. Process of elimination Who else is there? John 6:68


How do I learn to rely on God?

  1. Look to God He is source of supply and strength.
  2. Do not look anywhere else!
    Good deeds
    Name in a Church directory
    Faithful attendance, Bible reading, pray every day
  3. Here are the requirements from Isaiah 50:10
    1. Fear the Lord
    2. Obey his servant
    3. In darkness and needs light
    4. Trust in the name of the Lord


What is required for me to rely on God?

  1. Prayer Our way of crying to God for help
  2. Faith Total belief, no doubts
  3. Trust Put yourself in God's hands
  4. Dependence Recognize your weakness and God's strength
  5. Loyalty 2 Chronicles 16:9 God shows his strength to those who are loyal


What are the results of reliance on God?

  1. 2 Chronicles 16:8 Huge army, many chariots delivered to your hand
  2. Failure to rely on God = defeat.
  3. Rely on God = Victory!

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