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TITLE: Some Assembly Required

TEXT: Habakkuk 1:1-4

PROPOSITION: Many tend to create a God to meet their desires.


KEY WORD: Questions



  1. Do you try to assemble God? (Not put God together.)
  2. Many people seek to build and worship a God they have constructed.
  3. Complete this sentence - - God wants me to have _________.

Your answers –

  1. Money – He knows I would be a good steward.
  2. Security – He does not want me to worry, fear.
  3. Family – He created us to be a family.
  4. Contentment – He does not want me to be unhappy.
  5. Occupation – Wants me to work at something I enjoy, not dread.
  6. Good life – He knows that life is short and should be enjoyed.
  7. Fun / Happiness – He did not make life for sadness and regret.

How did you discover that this is what God wants you to have?

Noah – boat load of animals
Abraham – wandering in strange land
Moses – leading a disgruntled people
David – fleeing for his life
Elijah – living in hiding
Jeremiah– preaching to people who would not listen
Stephen,Paul and John.

Learn from the prophet Habakkuk

  1. Habakkuk’s question – 1:2-4
    Wickedness everywhere, no justice, God open your eyes
  2. God’s answer – 1:5-11
    I will do something – you will not believe me when I tell you.
    Babylon will take Judah captive – destroy Judah
  3. Habakkuk is dumbfounded – 1:12-17
    You are Holy, Righteous, - This can’t happen.
    Will you allow the wicked to swallow the righteous?
    How can God allow this to happen?
  4. God’s answer – 2:2-20
    Babylon is wicked – Steal, harm poor, greedy
    Because of this – Babylon will be destroyed
    Their idols will not deliver them.
  5. Habakkuk’s submission – 3:16-19
    Praise God for greatness and mercy
    While I am tremble and dread the coming destruction –
    You are my strength, salvation, joy.

Return to the question – God wants me to have ______.

  1. Eternal life is the answer.
  2. Number one concern – will you obey, live faithfully?
  3. God wants me to have an eternal home with Him.

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