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TITLE: When your church leaves you

TEXT: 1 John 2:15-19

PROPOSITION: Our highest priority is to God and His Word.





  1. Many are feeling frustrated as their church seems to become more liberal.
  2. Changing policy on homosexuals, abortion, ordination of women, etc.
  3. This question also applies to other organizations political parties, clubs, social groups, etc.
  4. What do you do when the rules are changed?
  5. What do you do when your church (or other organization) leaves you?


Realize that our world is changing

  1. Churches often make news when they vote to accept women preachers, ordain homosexual ministers, consent to abortion, recognize live-together marriages, acknowledge same-sex marriages, etc.
  2. Other organizations PTA decides to hold a fund-raiser with gambling, Organization decides to install bar for liquor
  3. I joined this group because of its stand for values, now it has left me behind.
  4. Our world is changing some for the better
  5. Some of the changes are away and opposed to God's word.


God's Will does NOT change

  1. God is the same Malachi 3:6 I am the Lord, I do not change
  2. Jesus is the same Hebrews 13:5 Jesus same yesterday, today, forever
  3. Word of God is constant Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:6; Revelation 22:18


We are now torn between our convictions and our relationships (loyalties)

  1. At one time organization, God and you were all on the same page.
  2. As the organization changed you excused it or adjusted your thinking.
  3. Matthew 6:24 You can not serve two masters; cling to one, despise the other


Decide your priorities

  1. When a conflict comes it is "crunch time".
  2. What is more important my 25 years membership OR God?
  3. Where is my HIGHER priority? Lions Club or God?
  4. Matthew 5:33 Seek FIRST the kingdom of God
  5. Member of Masonic Lodge quit membership in church remained a Mason



  1. When you reach "crunch time" there are three options.
    1. You can defend (excuse, justify) the wrong activity (hang on to both)
    2. You can choose to maintain a loyalty to the organization Leave God
    3. You can choose to keep your convictions Leave organization
  2. Each worship service we include an invitation to make a choice.
  3. Where will you place your priority?

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