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TITLE: Bones of Christians

TEXT: Ezekiel 37:1-14

PROPOSITION: God can take all kinds of bones and make them live and work.





  1. Background to text
  2. Our body has over 200 bones in it.
  3. I want to discuss a few of them and make spiritual application.


Wish Bone

  1. Some do not want to work for the Lord.
  2. They wish things were different.
  3. Church had more money, better preacher, more attendance.
  4. Some spend all their energy wishing things were different.


Jaw Bone

  1. For some – favorite conversation is gossip.
  2. Their creed is contention and strife.
  3. Their commentary is what is wrong with people.
  4. Some spend all their energy putting down others, to elevate self.


Funny Bone

  1. Sensitive, get their feelings hurt easily.
  2. Tend to make mountains out of molehills.
  3. Every little problem becomes HUGE.


Dry Bones

  1. Dead, no emotions, no motion.
  2. Shames others who have some life.
  3. Around every pizza edge is a dry bone (crust).


Hip Bones

  1. Serve the Lord on credit – Make little contribution.
  2. Keep their money in their hip pocket.
  3. Some are looking for a free ride.
  4. Mouse on elephant’s ear – WE shook that bridge, didn’t we?


Knee bones

  1. Source of power for the church.
  2. This is the secret weapon of the Lord’s Army. (Ephesians 6:18)
  3. These are the power source.
  4. Stand strong, prepared to serve.



  1. Backbone = convictions, dedicated to the work.
  2. Courage and confidence.
  3. Acts 27:25 – I believe God, it will be as he told me.

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