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TITLE: The Empty Nest

TEXT: Genesis 2:23-25

PROPOSITION: There are adjustments and opportunities in the empty nest.


KEY WORD: Adjustments



  1. Several of our young people are leaving for college.
  2. Time of major adjustment for parents.
  3. This sermon is for parents looking at the empty nest syndrome.
  4. "You knew this day was coming 18 years ago."
  5. You must break some 20-year-old habits.


General observations

  1. All you have is each other. Everything else, everyone else is fickle, temporary and transient.
  2. Parents must plan for unemployment.
  3. Parents prepare their children for adulthood, but are unprepared for empty nest.


I can let them go IF:

  1. Spent adequate time together
  2. Built admirable qualities of character
  3. Demanded their best
  4. Learned that I can trust them


Critical time in the marriage Problems are caused by:

  1. Building the marriage on externals
  2. Focus on the children not on each other
  3. Achieving limited goals raising the kids What next?
  4. Failing to build a healthy relationship through the years


Symptoms of these problems:

  1. Poor communication
  2. Declining compatibility
  3. Inability to compromise
  4. Lack of cooperation
  5. Chronic criticism or nagging
  6. Neglect or indifference
  7. Escapist behavior


Your choice: Mourn your loss OR Morning of independence

  1. A choice: Empty Nest or 2nd Honeymoon
  2. Renew striving for oneness
  3. "And baby makes three" = focus away from each other and on baby
  4. Now the baby is in college time to refocus on each other


Biblical Principles for Emptying the Nest

  1. Thank God for your arrows Psalm 127:3-5
  2. Leave and cleave is a Biblical principle Ephesians 5:31
  3. Be willing to let go Luke 15 prodigal son
  4. Prepare for grand parenting Proverbs 17:6
  5. Blessing will start to come again Proverbs 31:28
  6. Fill the vacuum Ephesians 5:15-17


What we Miss


Tending children

Nursery, neighbor's kids

Vol. at Head start

Teach SS class

Busy evening

Take a class

Teach a class

Go to a concert

Do couple things

Having people around

Have dinner guests

Invite people for an evening

Plan a party

Giving presents

Candy to children

Involved with orphan home

Taking children places

Take a group camping

Take a car load to a ball game

Take some kids fishing

Interacting with teens

Involved with youth group

Scout leader

Sharing your faith


Join a campaign

Start a local program

Fixing things

Neighborhood bikes

Electronic equipment

Reading stories

Local library

Senior center nursing home



Finally We need the "Big Four"

  1. Find someone to love
  2. Find someway to serve
  3. Set new goals
  4. Reset your priorities

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