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TITLE: A Frustrated God

TEXT: Galatians 2:20-21

PROPOSITION: Things we do can frustrate the grace of God.


KEY WORD: Rejections



  1. We all get frustrated at times.
  2. Frustrate = to make worthless, defeat, nullify; to disappoint or thwart
  3. Our text says that God can be frustrated.
    NOT upset, feelings hurt.
    BUT His plans can be spoiled, nullified, thwarted
  4. Here are some "Rejections" that will frustrate the grace of God.



  1. Some will keep a tradition and reject the commands of God.
  2. Mark 7:9
  3. Today Family reunion more important than worship of God.


Counsel of God

  1. God loves us. Gives us advice (counsel) that is good for us.
  2. Our parents gave us a lot of good advice.
    Sometimes we reject that advice. And suffer because of it.
  3. Luke 7:30 Have you been baptized?


Grace of God (Live by the works of the Law)

  1. We try to make it to heaven on our own merit.
  2. In trying we void the salvation offered through Christ.


Word of God

  1. "I know Jesus said __ but I feel __."
  2. John 12:48 Reject Jesus and his words judged by them.


The covenant (annul)

  1. Galatians 3:15 Did Jesus die in vain?
  2. Make sure you do not "VOID" the contract with God.


Offer of Salvation

  1. Salvation is an offer You can accept or reject.
  2. You can accept for a time then reject it.


Christ living in you

  1. Is Christ living in you?
  2. Many have evicted Christ from your life.

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