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TITLE: Your First Love
TEXT: Revelation 2:1-7
PROPOSITION: There is danger in leaving our first love.
KEY WORD: Characteristics


  1. Do you remember your "first love" puppy love, infatuation with someone?
  2. How can you tell you are in "LOVE" with someone?
  3. Here are some clues that you are "in love with God."

Spend time with

  1. Want to be with them focus of your attention
  2. Every moment seek ways to be together
  3. Hebrews 10:25 Where else would you rather be?

Talk to

  1. Can you imagine people in love not talking to each other?
  2. It happens in marriages parent/child, good friends
  3. Prayer is our communication with God.

Learn ALL about

  1. We want to know every detail what, where, when, how
  2. We want to learn all we can from every source family, friends, etc.
  3. John 5:39 "Search the Scriptures" Bible study is our way to learn the mind of God.

Look into their eyes (window to their heart)

  1. Can't look in the eyes = low self-worth, ashamed, embarrassed, lying
  2. Put both of yours into one of theirs (not shifty-eyed)
  3. Search the deep things of God. 1 Corinthians 2:11

Forsake all others

  1. All the others fade away, not important
  2. Matthew 6:33 Seek the kingdom of God FIRST

Make a commitment to

  1. Decision, commitment to this one only
  2. Joshua 24:15 "Choose this day"


  1. Have you "left" your first love?
  2. I urge you to come back to commitment to Jesus.

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