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TITLE: Choose for yourselves this day
TEXT: Joshua 24:14-15
PROPOSITION: Man is given the freedom to choose and the responsibility that goes with such choices.
KEY WORD: Features

  1. INTRODUCTION: Man is "free moral agent" = free to choose.
  2. With choice comes responsibility of that choice.
  3. There are three features of our choice to notice.

The choice is inescapable.

  1. We have a choice of master. Matthew 6:24
  2. Our choice is narrow – God or Mammon; Right or Wrong; Good or Evil
    Obedience or sin – Romans 6:17
  3. Israel had to choose between idols and God.
  4. We have a choice of causes.
    Moses had to choose – pleasure of sin vs. suffer with God’s people
    David had to choose – run in fear or stand up to Goliath
  5. We have a choice of destinies – Matthew 7:13-14 (wide / narrow)

The choice is individual.

  1. Created individually; judged as individual.
  2. No passing the buck, blaming others, you choose.
  3. Your choice is independent of:
    Family – Friends – Popular
  4. Elders, preacher, can not make it for you.

The choice is immediate.

  1. Some choices can be delayed – Education, Marriage
  2. This choice can not be delayed.
  3. Can not put off – Not to choose = a choice.
  4. When there are only two options – Not choosing A = Choosing B.
  5. Felix and Agrippa – delayed – THEY CHOSE!
  6. Now is the time to choose.

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