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TITLE: Do you have any Convictions?

TEXT: Revelation 2:8-10

PROPOSITION: God demands conviction, not just conversion.





1.        Two men (ski masks, automatic guns, camouflage fatigues) enter church.

2.        "Are you ready to die for your faith?"

3.        People scatter scream, run out, hide under pews.

4.        Then men say, "OK preacher, the hypocrites are gone. You can preach now."

5.        How strong are our convictions?


Supreme Court Ruling

1.        All religious beliefs are either preference or conviction.

2.        A belief is a preference when, under certain conditions, that belief can be changed.

3.        According to the court only convictions are given full protection of the First Amendment.


5 circumstances were noted by the court

1.        Peer pressures bend under disapproval of others
If pressure from others changes your belief = preference.

2.        Family pressures threats of spouse or family

3.        Litigation pressures facing a legal battle

4.        Jail pressures Would you be willing to go to jail?
Would you compromise your beliefs to get out?

5.        Death pressures Are you ready to die for your beliefs?
Romans 5:6-8 Who or what would you die for?


When a belief is a Conviction

1.        Convictions are personal You do not need others to stand with you.

2.        Convictions are not negotiable You do not discuss options of a conviction.

3.        Convictions are victorious If you need earthly victory not a conviction.
3 men in fiery furnace Daniel 3:16-18 God can save us, if not, still not bow to idol.

4.        Convictions are a life style Life will be consistent with convictions.



1.        Peter Luke 22:31-34 "When you are converted, strengthen the brethren"

2.        Church at Smyrna Revelation 2:8-10 "Be faithful unto death"

3.        Matthew 18:3 "Be converted as a little child"

4.        Acts 3:19 "Repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out"

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