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TITLE:  Positive Qualifications for Elders
TEXT:  1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
PROPOSITION:  Most qualifications are measured as a relative, not absolute
KEY WORD:  Qualifications


  1. Last week the negative qualifications. Today the positive ones.
  2. Some of the qualifications are absolute (yes or no)
  3. Most of them are relative (we are looking for high rather than low)
  4. Most can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10.
  5. Last week – the 8 negative qualifications in Timothy and Titus
  6. Today – the 16 positive qualifications in Timothy and Titus






Positive Qualifications

A “Yes” answer qualifies him.

A “No” answer disqualifies him.


Not accused, not often charged with evil

Is he the last one you would suspect of doing wrong?

Husband of one wife

One-woman man

Is he married scripturally and faithful to that wife?

Faithful children

Faithful, believing, one who trusts and obeys

Did he instill faith in his children?

Dissipation (KJV Not accused of riot)

Extravagance, excess

Are his children obedient and respectful?


Not obedient, beyond control

Does he control his children?


In control of self, free from intoxication, not drunk

Does his life demonstrate self-control?


Self-controlled, moderate

Does he have the ability to think seriously?

Good behavior

Living a well ordered life, good manners

Is he courteous and polite?


Gracious host, kind to strangers

Does he treat all people with kindness?

Able to teach

Has the ability to instruct, explain, teach

Does he have the ability to explain and instruct?


Patient, gentle, mild, fair, equitable

Is he fair and gentle in his dealings with people?

Ruling his own house well

To preside over, be superintendent, to manage

Has he managed his house well?

Children in submission

To submit, to place yourself under

Did he do his best to train and manage his children?

Good testimony

Testimony, report, record

Does he have a good reputation in the community?

Lover of what is good

Fond of good, promoter of virtue

Does he desire what is good?


Fair, right

Does he seek to do what is fair and right?


Purity, sacred

Is his life one of purity?


Curbing, restraining

Is he able to control his tongue, temper and life?

Holding fast the faithful word

Cleave to, hold firmly

Does he seek to cling to the old paths of righteousness?

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