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TITLE: The Valley of Trouble

TEXT: Joshua 7:20-26

PROPOSITION: Valuable lessons must be learned from Achan.


KEY WORD: Lessons




                1. Romans 15:4  "written for our learning"

                2. Examine five lessons to learn from Achan


1. To the victor belong the spoils.

                A. Joshua 6:17-19 Spoils belong to God.

                B. Why was God angry?  Stole from God.  (26)


2. Sin hurts more than the sinner.

                A. 36 men died at Ai.  (5)

                B. Wife, children, animals, possessions. (24)

                C. Sin hurts the name of Christ, the church.


3. Greed (covetousness) is a serious matter.

                A. Achan coveted the items.  (21)

                B. Many think covet = wish to have what others have.

                C. Covet = Eager for gain, greed.

                                1. Material things, fame, honor.

                                2. Serenity Prayer - Accept what cannot be changed


4. Confession of sin does not eliminate consequences.

                A. Many think they can escape punishment by confession.

                B. Achan confessed his sin. (20)

                C. Was still punished. (25)

                D. Guilt vs. Consequences.


5. Church cannot survive with sin in the camp.

                A. God is holy.  He cannot support sin.

                B. Get rid of: [1] Sin OR [2] God. (12-13)

                C. Church at Corinth 1 Corinthians 5:7, 13

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