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TITLE: How to be a Friend of God
TEXT: James 2:21-24
PROPOSITION: We can become the friends of God.
KEY WORD: Requirements

I. The greatest opportunity afforded to man

A. Think of someone you would like to have as a friend.

B. God wants us to be His friend.

1. Revelation 4:11

2. James 2:23 – Abraham: Friend of God

3. II Corinthians 5:19-21

II. Who is a Friend of God?

A. Knows God personally.

1. Abraham knew God.

2. Genesis 17:1-2

3. Romans 4:20-21

B. Loves God

C. Interested in the things of God

D. Enjoys fellowship with God

E. Loyal to the cause of Christ

III. How to become a Friend of God.

A. By faith

B. By obedience

C. Through fellowship


1. God wants you to be His friend.

2. This is an opportunity to make or renew that friendship with God.

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