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TITLE: 9/12
Exodus 15:22-24


Barna Research Group – This group does research in the spiritual and moral areas including prayer, church attendance, Bible reading, and involvement in religious activity

  1. Before the terrorist attacks

  2. Right after 9/11/01 - great spike in all measurements

  3. Six months later - right back where they were before 9/11

Nothing new here:

  1. Israel - out of Egypt
    1. Sing and dance, celebrate freedom
    2. 3 days later - gripe and complain - Exodus 15:22
  2. Mt. Sinai
    1. They came to get law from God
    2. 40 days later - Golden Calf, adultery, nakedness - Exodus 32:1
  3. Palm Sunday
    1. Palm pathway, cry, “Hosanna”
    2. 7 days later - Crucify him
  4. Food in the wilderness
    1. God provides Manna (Exodus 16)
    2. They wanted Quail (Numbers 11:31)
  5. Released from Captivity
    1. Out of Babylon to rebuild temple
    2. They build houses, plant gardens,
    3. But they forgot to build the temple
    4. Haggai 1:2-11; Ezra 5:1ff 15 years with no progress


From Barna Research new release:

Religious Activities Explored

Seven religious behaviors were studied to assess the impact of the 9-11 events. The surge in church attendance has been widely reported, and while current levels of adult attendance are higher than before the attack, they are not statistically different than the numbers recorded last November, thus reflecting the usual seasonal increase. It appears that attendance, which nationwide increased by perhaps 25% immediately after the attack, is back at normal levels. The November survey found 48% of adults attending on a typical weekend.


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