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TITLE: Third Generation

TEXT: Revelation 3:1-6

PROPOSITION: Why do churches die?


KEY WORD: Generations



  1. Jesus wrote to 7 churches in Revelation 2-3.
  2. This letter to Sardis says they are dead.
  3. They just have not laid down yet.
  4. Remember –
    A. Revelation was written about 60 years AFTER Pentecost
    B. 20 years = a generation – thus 3 generations after Pentecost.

First Generation

  1. The origin, excitement, full of zeal
  2. Truth = Conviction
  3. No room for compromise.
  4. Many hardships, sufferings, No TV

Second Generation

  1. Heard the stories, struggles of their parents
    Heard about the depression vs. lived through it.
    Heard about no TV.
  2. Not felt the pain personally – just stories.
  3. Truth = Persuaded
  4. Some room to discuss and debate, give and take, compromise.

Third Generation

  1. Removed from the past – no direct link, no connection
  2. Struggles of the past = ancient history, different world now!
  3. Not understand the reasons for how or why things are done.
  4. Truth = Opinion
  5. Open to other views, nothing is firm, all can be changed
    Bible – Open to many interpretations
    Salvation – Baptism not burial, not important
    Worship – change music, teaching, LS
    Morals – Homosexuality, Divorce, (What used to be sin, isn’t now!)
    Organization of church – Denominational structure
    Work of the church – Women’s role, non-ministry activities

Applications for Today

  1. Freedoms of USA –WW II 60 years ago
  2. Church growth –
    50 years ago – fastest growing church in USA
    25 years ago – Moved into town – buildings
    Now – Settled in – less zeal – less growth
  3. Home and family
    1950 – Lassie, Beaver Cleaver, Andy Griffith
    1970 – Break up of home, rising divorce rate, children rebellion
    1990 – Now – Homosexual adoptions, open lesbians on TV

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