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TITLE: Death Penalty
TEXT: Leviticus 20:1-3
PROPOSITION: God explains the need for the death penalty.
KEY WORD: Abominations


  1. Not getting into the political arguments of death penalty.
  2. I just want you to see the seriousness of sin From God's eyes.
  3. Study from Leviticus 20
  4. God allowed death penalty Noah Genesis 9:5-6
  5. All 10 on 10 Commandments required the death penalty in the Law of Moses.

Human Sacrifice 1-5

  1. Moloch idol of cast iron, heated to glowing, children laid in its arms.
  2. Jeremiah 32:35 Israel did this in valley of Hinnom
  3. Valley of Hinnom became the "garbage dump" of continual burning (Gehennah Hell)

Witchcraft, Sorcery, Mediums, Satanism, Astrology, Fortune telling, etc. 6-8

  1. See also vs. 27
  2. Where is your faith? In a potion? A witch? The stars? Tea leaves?
  3. Our faith must be in the God who created the stars!

Curses parents 9

  1. NOT just shout profanities at
  2. BUT show contempt, dishonor, to be of little account
    Mark 7:9-12 Saying, "Gift" makes void the command of God
  3. Lack of respect parents, police, law, neighbors, self
    Georgia law address teachers Mr. Mrs. Sir Madame

Adultery and Fornication 10-21

  1. Adultery = intercourse with the spouse of another (10)
  2. Incest father's wife (step mother), daughter in law (11-12)
  3. Homosexuality Male with male (13)
  4. Bigamy (14)
  5. Bestiality (15-16)
  6. Uncover their nakedness = FORNICATION or any shameful behavior
    A. This is not just seeing a person without clothes
    B. This is a shame, stigma, abomination, disgrace, reproach

The Reason for the death penalty (22-26)

  1. You will obey the commands of God 22
  2. Not walk in the way of the nations around you 23
  3. Inherit God's land He sets some restrictions 24
  4. Know the difference holy/unholy; clean/unclean 25
  5. "YOU SHALL BE HOLY TO ME" Separate from others 26

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