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TITLE:  Church Membership
TEXT:  Romans 12:4-5
PROPOSITION:  Membership is important.
KEY WORD:  Statements


  1. Most here are members of several groups – clubs, organizations, teams, political party, or social group
  2. Two terms to understand
    1. Universal church – church Jesus died for, built, began on Pentecost
    2. Local church – a local organized body of believers, worship and work together for a common goal
  3. This morning my focus is on the local congregation.
  4. Why is church membership important? What does it say about you?

 Membership says, “I’m committed.”

  1. When you join any club or group you express an agreement and commitment to their goals, purpose and objectives.
  2. Committed to:
    1. Christ and His purposes, goals, and ministry – Ephesians 1:22-23
    2. Christ’s passion – Ephesians 5:25-27

 Membership says, “I’m accountable.”

  1. In the local church – we hold each other accountable
  2. Elders, church will rebuke, and correct me
  3. I am accountable to:
    1. Elders, deacons – leadership
    2. Other members

 Membership says, “I’m in a relationship.”

  1. I am part of a family (soldier in the army, partner in the work force, member of the body, branch on vine, etc.)
  2. I am a contributor

 Membership says, “I’m in general agreement.”

  1. Beliefs – doctrine
  2. Mission – work
  3. NOTE: This does not mean that we agree with everything said or done by all in the group. (Same with PTA, Rotary Club, little league team, etc.) Nor does it mean that we agree with every “method” used to do the work.
  4. Individuals – We remain individual in our views, opinions, judgments, etc.


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