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Title: Three To Get Ready

Text: 2 Corinthians 12:11 - 13:14

Proposition: We must be ready for revival.

Question: How?

Key Word: Approaches

Reading: 2 Corinthians 13:9-14


1.        Our Bible Only Campaign begins next week. Are you ready?

2.        Paul brings this letter of encouragement to a close.

3.        What more could he say? What else can be done?

4.        Paul uses three approaches to motivate them to obedience.


1. HE SHAMED THEM.                   12:11-21

                A. Lack of commendation. 11-13

                                [1] They were boasting about the false teachers.

                                [2] They forced Paul to boast to teach them.

                                [3] They should have been on Paul's side.

                B. Lack of appreciation. 14-18

                                [1] Paul was about to make his third visit.

                                [2] They were critical of him.

NOTE: It is tragic when children do not appreciate what their parents do for them. It is also tragic when God's children fail to appreciate what their "spiritual parents" do for them.

                C. Lack of consecration. 19-21

                                [1] Quarreling (debates, contentions).

                                [2] Because the envied (jealousies) one another.

                                [3] Sudden explosions of anger (wraths, outbursts)

                                [4] Promoted plots (strife, selfish ambitions) in the church.

                                [5] These plots involved backbiting.

                                [6] There were strifes from (whisperings) gossip.

                                [7] All this came from pride (swellings, conceits).

                                [8] The end result was disorder (tumults).

NOTE: Paul does not here mention the sins of the flesh, fornication, lasciviousness, going to law against a brother, etc.


2. HE WARNED THEM.                   13:1-8

                A. "Prepare yourselves."

                                [1] The church must act on facts, not rumors.

                                [2] It needs "2 or 3 witnesses."

                                [3] We should follow Matthew 18:15-17

                B. "Examine yourselves."

                                [1] They had examined Paul in detail.

                                [2] Matthew 7:1-5

NOTE: Often one who is quick to condemn others for their faults are often guilty of worse sins.
In fact, one way to make you look better is to condemn others.


3. HE ENCOURAGED THEM.                   13:9-14

A.      Paul prayed for their spiritual maturity.

B.       He urged them to cultivate grace, love and peace.



1.        Light (or re-light) the fire in your soul.

2.        The time for action is NOW.

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