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TITLE: Do's and Don’ts for a Stay in the Lion's Den
: Daniel 6:1-28
: We must learn how to face the lion dens in our life.
: How?
WORD: Instructions
: Daniel 6:16-23


  1. Sometimes our lives seem to send us into a den of lions.
  2. What should we do when we are “thrown to the lions”?
  3. Learn some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” from Daniel.


  1. Don't think you have to be perfect to have victory over lions.
    1. Daniel was not sinless
    2. Neither were David, Paul, Peter, Abraham, Moses, etc
  1. Do live by God's Word.
    1. Live to the best of your knowledge.
    2. 1 John 1:5-7 walk in the light, acknowledge wrong
  1. Don't - -

1.        Decide God's Word is not true

A.      1 Corinthians 10:13 – God will provide a way of escape

B.       Daniel 6:1-5 Why me?

C.       God must not love me or care for me

2.        Decide you are a failure.

A.      Self-blame is defeating.

B.       Where did I go wrong?

3.        Look to man.

A.      Man is the problem; not solution.

B.       Daniel 6:14-16

C.       Science, medicine, new invention, computers - They can't save you.

                4. Don’t give up or abandon your faith.

                5. Change your routine. Why change now?

4.       Do - -

                A.      Keep an excellent spirit.

1)       Daniel 6:3 – “an excellent spirit was in him”

2)       Job 13:15 – I will maintain my own ways before him

3)       Matthew 12:35 – Good man, good heart = good things

B.       Remain Faithful

1)       In big and small things

2)       Revelation 2:10 – Even unto death

C.       Keep praying – Daniel 6:10

D.      Believe in God – Daniel 6:23


1.        Give God the glory – Psalm 57:4-6

2.        Don’t let a few lions stand in your way of serving God.

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