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TITLE: That's What Camel Soup Is
: Matthew 23:23-26
: God requires us to show greater concern for the more important matters.
: What?
WORD: Concerns
: Same


  1. Famous soup ad "That's what Campbell soup is"

  2. Jesus talks about many eating "Camel soup" (swallowing camels)


A.      More concerned about men than God

  1. Concerned about what men think of us.
  2. Show, exhibition, display
  3. Entertainment, pleasure, sport, amusement

B.      More concern for outward than inward

  1. 2 Corinthians 4:16 outward man is perishing, inward man renewed

  2. 1 Timothy 4:8 bodily exercise profits little, godliness

  3. Matthew 7:15 inwardly they are ravening wolves

  4. Matthew 23:27 wash tombstone, inside - bones

C.      More concern for form than spirit

  1. John 4:24 spirit and truth
  2. Matthew 15:9 Honor with lips, heart far from
  3. 2 Timothy 3:5 having form of godliness, lack power

D.      More concern for insignificant than weighty

  1. Every 10th spice plant – VERY IMPORTANT

  2. Faith, mercy, justice – NOT AS IMPORTANT

  3. They majored in minors, and minored in majors.

 Today - Application

A.      Nation

  1. Protect the spotted owl - kill unborn human beings

  2. Kill biting dog - license liquor that kills 20,000 on our highways

B.      Home we teach:            BUT parents example:

Honesty                Dad pulls a slick deal

Don't lie                 Send child to phone, not home

Obey law               Set cruise on 75 mph on interstate

No drugs               Smoke and drink, rely on pills

C. In the Church –

We teach:                        BUT our actions:

Only vocal music             Don't sing

Communion each week  Sleep AM come PM

No beads, rosary             We don't pray

Sound preaching              Don't pay attention

No pie suppers                 Stingy in our giving

World evangelism           Don’t teach our neighbor

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