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TITLE: Christian Education

TEXT: 2 Timothy 2:1-3

PROPOSITION: There is a real need for Christian Education.





  1. Statistics show that 50% of teens quit active participation in church after leaving home (college, military, work).
  2. Our youth programs are designed to encourage, develop faith, motivate.
  3. Why are we losing half of our young people?
  4. This lesson will suggest some reasons (value) of a Christian Educaiton.

Failure to develop personal faith.

A personal faith must be developed.

Small child has faith in parents, grandparents, etc.

If personal, deep, abiding faith is not in us we will fall away.

Lack of solid Biblical information to meet the challenges.

1 Peter 3:15 "Be ready to give an answer"

Some schools test all incoming freshmen.

Level of knowledge is dropping.

Like many SAT and ACT scores Bible knowledge is declining.

My IQ quiz showed the following: - 122 (4th grade adults)

We are weak in general Bible Knowledge.

No one got all 20 questions correct.

47% thought Hezekiah was a book of OT prophecy.

We are weak in OT information.

Only 31% knew the woman judge of Israel.

Only 5 out of 122 knew whose life was extended 15 years.

We are weak in NT information.

53% did not know who preached the Sermon on the Mount.

Humor if not so serious

Judah spent 70 years of captivity in a fish's belly.

Number of people on ark was 2 of every kind.

Woman who followed Naomi was Wynona.

The husband of Gomer was Pyle.

The man with evil spirits was Manson.

Do Christian Colleges cost more?

  1. If you are measuring dollar cost is some ways yes. Lack of state and federal funds.
  2. If you are measuring soul cost Christian education PAYS in several ways.
    1. Development of personal faith.
    2. Deeper Bible knowledge.
    3. Stronger commitment to serve God and the church.
    4. Higher potentials to meet a Christian mate Many get their MRS degree.
    5. More elders, deacons, teachers, preachers from this source.


My purpose is not to shame you for attending a state school.

My purpose is to say there are some benefits for education from a Christian (Biblical viewpoint)

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