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TITLE: Dangerous Prayers

TEXT: Ezekiel 14:1-5

PROPOSITION: We must not pray with our mind made up.


KEY WORD: Dangers



  1. Some people pray - Feel that their prayers are not answered.
  2. Sometimes God will NOT answer our prayers.
  3. However, sometimes, we pray with our mind determined.
    1. We are not open to other solutions to our problem.
    2. We are determined to overcome all obstacles God puts in our way.
    3. Then, we blame God for answering our prayers.
  4. Here is a warning - Prayer can be Dangerous!


1. Idols in our heart.

A.      Set up idols, stumbling block, and iniquity - then pray to God.

B.       "I will answer according to their idols."

C.       We should pray - "If it be thy will" (James 4:15)


2. James and John. Mark 10:35-40

A.      Matthew 20:20-22 Mother takes them and asks.

B.       Her idea of kingdom, power, right and left - different from God's.


3. Peter after his Confession. Matt. 16:21-23

A.      Peter thought he was doing the right thing.

B.       Phillips translation - "You are not looking from God's viewpoint."

C.       Think - What if God granted Peter's request - no salvation.


4. God might answer your prayer

A.      Pray for someone to help it might be you.

B.       Pray for workers in mission you might be the answer

C.       Country song "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers"


5. Today - many pray for wrong things.

A.      Baptism of fire - Matt. 3:11-12

B.       Save without obedience - Heb. 5:8-9

C.       Make exception to the rules for them:

1. No baptism 4. Not attend worship

2. Divorce 5. Use instruments in worship

3. Worship wrong 6. Heaven on kind deeds

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