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TITLE: Deacons and other Servers
TEXT: Acts 6:1-7
PROPOSITION: The church should be filled with servers.
KEY WORD: Structures


  1. God intended His church to have structure, order, levels of authority.
  2. Special requirements for Elders (shepherds, bishops, pastors) and Deacons.
  3. At many restaurants a person will introduce themselves as "your server."
  4. This is who we are SERVERS.

When there is a Problem, Need, Work needing direction 1

  1. Many churches appoint deacons then hunt a job for them to do.
  2. One of the qualifications is First be proved. (1 Timothy 3:10)
  3. If you see a need to be met, problem to solve, work needing direction JUMP IN!

Not My Job 2

  1. Elders have a work to do shepherd, tend and feed the flock.
  2. Preachers have a work to do study, prepare lessons and teach the Word of God.
  3. Deacons have a work to do oversee their area of responsibility
  4. My observations:
  1. Many preachers do the elders work (pastor the flock).
  2. The elders do the deacons work.
  3. Deacons have nothing to do.

Look out among you 3

  1. Look for ways to serve. Is the cup empty? Is someone being neglected?
  2. Find a need and fill it. Look for opportunities to serve. Don't wait for others.
  3. If work is going on offer to help. Church is volunteer work.

Over this business 3

  1. Talked to deacons, ministry chairmen at retreat about this.
  2. Don't need 3 elders and 9 deacons to discuss for an hour light bulb wattage
    or squeak in air conditioner.
  3. Give the some direction and delegate to them authority, freedom to act, budget
  4. Turn them loose.

Soon you will see this plan of God in action here at Athens.

  1. You will be presented with opportunities to serve, ways to get involved.
  2. There will be a small booklet printed and given to each member to know structure,
    organization, who is over what.

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