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TITLE: Not all the Bible is Bible

TEXT: 2 Timothy 3:16-17

PROPOSITION: The Bible is the inspired Word of God.





  1. There is a danger that I need to warn you about today.
  2. Many people buy a Bible and think that everything between the covers is inspired of God.

What is the Bible?

  1. OT and NT, 66 books (Genesis to Revelation)
  2. Written by about 40 different men over a period of more than 2,000 years.

What is God’s promise about the Bible? (Psalm 12:6-7)

  1. God will keep his word pure.
  2. God will preserve and protect his revelation.

What parts of the Bible (leather bound book) are not part of the Bible (God’s inspired Word)?

  1. Family record section – important information, useful for SS claims
  2. Copyright – many translations are printed for profit and all the contents are protected
  3. Names of books – Man gave names to each book – Genesis (beginnings), Numbers (numbering of the people), Second Corinthians (the second letter to the church at Corinth), etc.
  4. Chapter and verse divisions – There were inserted for ease of locating a reference.
  5. Headings – chapter and section titles – Most title the section of Luke 16 Parable of Rich man and Lazarus
  6. Center references – Man’s idea of what verses are on the same topic. Verses do not always use the same word – Baptism, washing, new birth,etc.
  7. Critical notes – You will see statements that some manuscripts do not contain a phrase.
  8. Color codes – Rainbow Bible colors parts of the Bible to their interpretation.
  9. Concordance, Dictionary, Atlas – While these are not wrong in doctrine, they are not inspired. They are tools to be used in the study of the Bible.
  10. Reference sections – Dickson, Thompson Chain, Open Bible – While some useful information may be found – REMEMBER – these are the comments and opinions of man – not inspired of God.
  11. Commentary – Some Bible contain a running commentary on verses – Scofield
  12. Pictures and Art – Many children know what Jesus looks like from medieval artists. Some of the pictures are wrong (showing Jesus baptism with a cup of water over his head when baptism is a burial).
  13. Additional helps – Many Bibles have sections on "How to Study the Bible", Daily Bible Readings, Scriptures to read when happy, sad, discouraged, etc.
    Some include information about "How to be Saved"
  14. Red Letter – Words of Jesus are important. But, two issues –
    A. Some words are in dispute – Did Jesus say this or did John write this about Jesus?
    B. Do not think the words of Peter, James, Paul are less important or inspired.

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