Sermons - G - L

Last updated: December 16, 2003

NOTE: The following sermons are not in alphabetical order. The newest additions are on the top of this list.

Homosexual Myths - This sermon is not an attack against homosexuals as individuals. It is a expose against the false, misleading myths that are commonly heard on TV today. This sermon has a lot of statistics, a chart, and other factual information, as well as the Biblical teaching on this subject.
Get Her For Me - Samson wanted his parents to "get" his wife for him. What are the ingredients for a Biblical marriage? There is more than just "picking out a girl."
Loopholes - As soon as a new tax law is passed, there are people looking for the loopholes. We often do the same with the law of God. We look for "excuses" for not obeying the commands of God.
How the Bible Teaches - How can we learn the will of God? Of course there are commands. There are many examples of how Jesus and the early church did things. Then there are "Necessary Inferences". This sermon will focus on this misunderstood part of knowing God's will.
How Churches Grow - What are the factors that help some churches grow while others decline? What can this church do to foster growth and evangelism?
How to Know a Man - Here are 5 ways to know the man in your life. This is a Father's Day sermon.
Indwelling Spirit Today - How does the Holy Spirit dwell in us? The Bible promises this indwelling but we do not understand what involves.
Indwelling Spirit 2 - In Part 2, the sermon looks at some powers the Spirit give to the Christian in whom He is dwelling.
Learn to Wait - It is difficult for us to wait for God to answer our prayers and solve our problems. Why do we have to wait? What good can waiting for God do? How does waiting help us?
We are at Kadesh - For Israel Kadesh represents "decision time" - Go forward or go backward. Churches also reach Kadesh. This sermon is the first of four to prepare for adding elders to the eldership.
Last Supper - The text for this sermon says we will either be guests at this great supper OR we will be the main course. You have the choice of being the honored guest or being served as the main course.
Attitude of Gratitude - Thanksgiving Sermon - Our lives must have an attitude of gratitude.
Jesus and the Word - What was the attitude of Jesus toward Scripture? Many preachers today deny the inspiration of the Bible.
Hall Pass to Life - This Graduation Sermon gives some advice to those leaving High School.
Just Like Mom - In many ways our mothers illustrate the characteristics of God.
Theories of Inspiration - How did the mind of God become a written text?
Giving Requirements - In one verse God gives the requirements for giving to the church.
Human Cloning - This extended outline examines the ethical and moral questions of cloning humans.
Job did not Charge God with Wrong - When we suffer, we must not blame God for our pain.
Responsibility of Congregation - What is the responsibility of the local church to its leaders?
Love Life – Peter has given some instructions about how to love life and see good days.
Gospel Call – How are we called and who should we answer this call?
Gifts from God (2 parts) – God has given us some great gifts. In part 2, God shows how long these gifts will last.
Grace or Law? – Many have taken one extreme or the other. Salvation is not saved by works (alone) neither are we saved by grace (alone).
Live like Caleb – Caleb fought giants when he was 85.
If Elected, I will Serve – It is important to understand the election of God.
Is it I? – Jesus requires self-examination.
I love You – Why do have difficulty expressing our love for each other?
God Gave Up – When does God give up on people? When should we give up?
Imputed Righteousness – We are not saved because we are righteous.
How Big is God – Our weak faith limits the power of God in our lives.
Get the Glory Back – They got the Ark of the Covenant returned but they could not get the glory back.
Hardest at Home – It is harder to do evangelistic work at home.
Legislating Morality – Can we legislate morals? Whose morality will it be?
Buy a Car – Possessing faith is like buying a car.
Jerk the Chain – God is able to guide and direct us.
Ignorance is NOT Bliss – Ignorance about some things is not bliss.
Grasshopper Complex – Here are some lessons from Numbers 13.
Man who has everything – Here is what to give a man who has everything.
Halloween is Over – hypocrisy is a dangerous sin.
Not all the Bible is Bible – There are things in our Bible (the printed book) that are not part of the Bible (inspired of God).
Headed for Heaven – Why are many not anxious for heaven?
Life begins, When? – Life begins at 40, 80, retirement.
Does God bless America? – Sermon for the 4th of July.
Great to be a teacher – We all ought to be teachers because …
How to get more from a sermon – Suggestions on how to gain more from the sermons preached.
When He shall appear – What will happen when Jesus comes?
The invitation – Why do we extend the invitation at the end of a sermon?
Junkyards – There is some neat stuff in junkyards.
Hand of God – What kind of hand does God have?
When God became man – God sent His Son to earth.
Lost Bible – Has the Bible been lost in your house?