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TITLE: Hardest at Home

TEXT: Luke 8:34-39

PROPOSITION: It is a greater effort to be a Christian around those who know us.


KEY WORD: Demands



  1. Where is the hardest place to be a Christian? Cuba? China? Russia?
  2. Business world, entertainment field, Hollywood?
  3. In your own home, around family, friends, co-workers
  4. In our hometown Mark 6:4 Prophet not without honor (except at home).


Our Text

  1. Jesus healed this "demon possessed" man.
  2. He wanted to follow Jesus.
  3. Jesus said, "Return to your own house and tell what great things God has done for you."
  4. He was to move among those who knew him as a demonic and teach them?
  5. Tell them about grace, forgiveness, God's love and compassion.


Costliest Gift Yourself

  1. You can buy a book, toy, or a bicycle easier than share yourself.
  2. Easier to give fish away than teach a boy to fish.
  3. Buy a ticket to a ballgame than to play ball with your son.
  4. What should a father be at home?
    Little girl said catch a fish, build a fire, fly a kite, catch a butterfly, plant a flower
  5. Nothing she listed required any money just him.
  6. Friends need us. Families need us. Fellow Christians need us.
    Not just money, cards, gifts, tokens of affection
    They need US our presence is more valuable than gifts.


Hardest Requirement Love

  1. Sympathy = feel for someone
  2. Empathy = feel with someone
  3. Many homes are filled with criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, slander
  4. In work place jealousy, anger


Strongest Effort Consistent Life (Example)

  1. On your toes ALL the time, in all places, situations.
  2. Others are watching Do your actions match your claim?


Application Bible Only Campaign

  1. Mt Juliet can come here make a good impression and leave.
  2. We are here and must live among the people shop, work, PTA.
  3. Go home tell others what great things God has done in your life.

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