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Title: Jerk the Chain
Text: 1 Chronicles 16:20-24
Proposition: God is faithful to assist all who are in covenant with Him.
Question: Who?
Key Word: Examples
Scripture Reading: Same


  1. Does God really answer our prayers?
  2. How does He "guard, guide and direct us" as we request?
  3. How are we linked to God so that He will come to our aid?

Let’s learn about the "hased" of God.

  1. Hebrew word - "khased" - pronounced with a gutteral "kh"
  2. I will just say, "hased" - Word occurs 248 times in OT.
  3. Translated - Mercy, kindness, loving kindness, love
  5. Our text - vs. 34 "For his mercy (hased) endures forever"

Examples of the "Hased" of God.

Abraham - Genesis 12:1-3 Curse you, curses me. Bless you, bless me.

Genesis 12:17 God plagued Pharaoh because of Sari, Abram’s wife
Genesis 20:1-7 Abimelech you are as good as dead.
God said, "You are dead meat." Why? Abraham’s wife, in covenant

Isaac - Genesis 26:23-28 Lord is with you, do us no harm, you are blessed by the Lord.

Jacob - Genesis 28:20-22

Genesis 31:17-29 I was going to kill you, God spoke to me, Hurt Jacob, deal with God.
Genesis 32:24- Jacob wrestled with man (angel) insists on a blessing.
Genesis 35:5 Terror of Lord was on them so they did not pursue Jacob

Joseph - Not hard luck - Luck nothing to do with it. This is the hased of God. Sold into slavery, Potipher’s house

Genesis 39:2-3 Lord was with Joseph.
In prison (39:20-23) Lord was with him
Bad things can happen to good people, to work them for good. (45:5)

In the New Testament - the concept continues.

Mercy, grace, faithfulness, Agape love, all combined in hased.

Titus 3:3-6 We were sinners (see the list)
But by His mercy (hased) he has saved us.

1 John 1:7 Keep on in the light,

Not dribbled in and out of grace. First thing He does is forgive us.
Without this He can have nothing to do with us.

Romans 4:6-8 Who is the blessed man being talked about here?
It is us, Christians, those in covenant with God.

If we are in covenant with God, why would he impute sin to you?

Ephesians 1:17-19 Exceeding great power, understanding, revelation, wisdom

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead.
Our power - It belongs to us.

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