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TITLE: It Is Great to be a Teacher
TEXT: Isaiah 6:6-8
PROPOSITION: Teaching the Word of God is a great opportunity.
KEY WORD: Reasons

  1. In many churches – teachers are hard to recruit.
  2. Here is what we do in Athens – teach for 3 months. Have teachers, assistants, substitutes.
  3. After three months – take a quarter off – or move to different class.

It is great to be a teacher of God’s Word because by teaching we:

Accept the challenge of Christianity.

  1. How are you being challenged?
    In faith, In knowledge, In study, In deeper thinking
  2. Book "Bored and Apathetic Church Member" Why are many bored?
  3. The Great Commission is our challenge. Are we keeping it?

Accept the responsibility of Christianity.

  1. Join any organization = some responsibility – support, pay dues, work
  2. The task of Christianity – teach, make disciples
  3. If you are not teaching – why are you claiming membership?

Are doing what is essential.

  1. If church exists 50 years from now – TEACH.
  2. If church remians pure in doctrine, worship – TEACH.
  3. To show our love for God, Christ, Holy Spirit.
  4. To show our love for the lost.

Are doing what is commanded.

  1. Matthew 28:19 Go teach (make disciples) of all nations
  2. 2 Timothy 2:2 Things learned, teach to faithful men
  3. 2 timothy 4:2 Preach the word

Are being rewarded.

  1. Teaching rewards others – saved their soul Mark 8:36-37
  2. Teaching rewards the church – members being added to the body.
  3. Teaching rewards self – learn more, grow in faith.

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