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TITLE: He Shall Appear
TEXT: 1 John 3:1-3
PROPOSITION: Christians look forward to the Second Coming of Jesus.
KEY WORD: Attitudes

  1. INTRODUCTION: There are many false teaching about 2nd coming.
  2. In communion we look BACK to the cross, D B R of Christ.
  3. We must also look FORWARD to the 2nd coming.
  4. What should be our attitude toward the Second Coming?
  5. THEREFORE: We ought to be holy, expectant, diligent, at peace, spotless

Cause us to activity

  1. 2nd coming caused some to turn from idols (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10)
  2. In view of Christ’s coming – you need to repent. (2 Peter 3:9)
  3. There is a definite reason for serving Christ, working in his kingdom

The SAME Jesus will appear

  1. Acts 1:11 SAME Jesus, in SAME manner (clouds)
  2. The one who:
  1. Did no sin.
  2. Spoke as no man had ever spoken.
  3. Went about doing good.
  4. Bore our sins on the cross.
  5. Forgave us, Redeemed us, Sanctified us, Called us, Saved us

Business as Usual – Matthew 24:37-39

  1. As in the days of Noah – eating, drinking, marrying, parties, business
  2. They heard the preaching – ignored the warning.
  3. Man with new barometer – went way low – man got angry and broke the barometer.
  4. Christ’s coming will be:
  1. Unexpected and unannounced – like a thief in the night.
  2. With skeptics scoffing as usual.
  3. Wicked men in middle of some evil deed – murder, stealing, etc.
  4. Some will be drunk, drugged, with a prostitute.
  5. Unfaithful church members will be going about their lives.


  1. Christians look forward to the coming – pray for it – anticipate it.
  2. We can be ready by:
  1. Obedience
  2. Right living
  3. Patient waiting
  1. Poem – "What Would He Say?"

What Would He Say?

If He should come today

And find my hands so full

Of future plans, however fair,

In which my Savior has no share

What would He say?

If He should come today

And find my love so cold

My faith so very weak and dim

I had not even looked for Him

What would He say?

If He should come today

And find that I had not told

One soul about my Heavenly Friend

Whose blessings all my way attend

What would He say?

If He should come today

Would I be glad, quite glad?

Remembering that He died for all

And none through me had heard his call?

What would He say?

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