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TITLE: I Love You

TEXT: John 15:9-17

PROPOSITION: Today, many hesitate to express love for each other.


KEY WORD: Reasons



  1. We are less "personal" than we used to be.
  2. Cars, air conditioners, email, fax
  3. Boy in military, wrote to girl every day, married the mailman
  4. Why do we hesitate to express our love for each other?



  1. Rejection, spurned 2 Corinthians 12:15
  2. You might laugh at me
  3. Expressing emotion makes one vulnerable. All I can offer is my love.
    Reject me or laugh at me I have nothing else to offer you


Low Self-esteem

  1. John 21:15-17 Jesus: Peter do you love me? Peter: We are good friends.
  2. If I cannot (do not) love myself, I can not express love to others.



  1. 2 John 1-2
  2. Tell aging parents not told them in X years
  3. Now if I say anything embarrassing


Not enough time

  1. Love does not happen instantly
  2. "Love at first sight" not true love
  3. True love for another takes time to grow, develop


Talking about Trivia

  1. Some talk but never express feelings
  2. Chatter = defense mechanism = not say what I feel
  3. Several levels of communication
    1. Wal-Mart checkout line hot today, rain tomorrow, hope so
    2. Share information I heard about an accident, fire, plane crash
    3. Others views Some believe is a bad thing (testing the water)
    4. My opinion I think the coach should have done this.
    5. Me feelings I was hurt when this happened.
  4. If you cannot get to level 4 you cannot express love.


Out of touch with feelings

  1. When asked How do you feel about this?
  2. Some are not sure what they feel. Can't express, out of touch


Big Boys Don't Cry

  1. "He's all boy." = fighting, dirty, aggressive, mischief
  2. NEVER tender affection, love, gentleness
  3. Message = boys must avoid tender, compassion, sentiment
  4. Must become = angry, aggressive, competitive,
  5. Don't show emotion or affection

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